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Surge...and Tribex 500 questions.

Hey,one serving of Surge(2 scoops) provides
50 g carb and 25 g protein.Is that enuff for most ppl for postworkout nutrition? Or do u actually need more? And what does Surge taste like?

Tribex 500 now…err…so…270 caps lasts nearly 7 weeks assuming a person takes it 5 days on and 2 days off each week.So with all that,including good diet and proper workout,
almost anyone can gain 5-10 pounds of muscle by end of 270 caps? which means,3 bottles for price of 2

Thanks for all your help.I am thinking of using Tribex 500 if it’s as good as it sounds.

Surge tases great, like very sweet almond milk I guess I would say. I look forward to working out more because I get to drink this shake after. (you would get fat drinking this as a MRP) Tribex is great too and I would estimate that with proper diet 1.5 grams minimum of protein and ample fat and carbs you could put on quite a bit of weight. Invest in these and you will be investing in a great body… Food though is the key the pills won’t do it for you.

Kenneth, I’m going to do you a favor. Before John, and certainly a number of others completely lose it on you, I’m going to ask you a question that should help you out. Why would a company such as Biotest, market a supplement such as “Surge,” as a “post-workout anabolic / anticatabolic formula,” if it in fact wasn’t??? Furthermore, the recommendations of serving size differ from weight class to weight class.

Thanks Bodyguard for pointing out that I said too much.From what I read and all that here,no doubt about it that Biotest prolly markets some of the best and most useful supplements.
But I only wanted to ask more about these products so why don’t u answer my questions eh? hehe…thanks.

I raise the question about serving size for surge is because some ppl do 100g carb and 50 g protein,and some do 150g and 50g protein!
etcetc MANY MANY…I guess you’re right on how much surge u take depends on your size,weight etc. but I am just asking, is 50g carb and 25 g protein effective for MOST ppl? I am part of the “most” category.

Look man, the package describes if you should use two or three scoops. It is determined by bodyweight. Biotest did the studies and the suggestions work great for me. 175 pounds means 2 scoops.

about tribex what do you guys think of someone with the body size of 5’7’’ 160 LBs… using tribex 500 in this fashion for six weeks(5 days on 2 days off): 5 pills in the morning 4 in the afternoon? what do you guys think of that?

Two scoops of surge for anyone under 190 is fine. Once you’re over that, you should go 2.5 to 3 scoops depending on weight. It’s on the container. And it’s right on.

Willie, just do as the label recommends for Tribex (the new version). Do four caps twice a day. That's all you need bro. I just ordered some to see if the new stuff is all it's cracked up to be. We'll see. I'm quite happy with Grow and Surge. And ZMA helps me sleep like a baby!