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Surge and Ribose-C

Someone asked me a question on another post about how to use these two supps together, but I lost which thread it was on. So here’s the answer: Take Ribose-C pre-workout as usual. (I prefer to use an oral syringe.) After training, immediately drink your Surge. After about 45 min to an hour, take your second dose of Ribose-C. I usually eat a solid protein/carb meal after this. You do this because you don’t want the carbs in Ribose-C to interfere with the formula/nutrient ratio of Surge, which is very specific.

Another option is to just use a double dose of Ribose-C before training and none after. I’ve done it both ways with good results. Hope this helps.

That was me that asked the question concerning RiboseC and Surge. Your reply is greatly appreciated. As usual we can always rely on the Biotest/Testosterone gang.