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Surge and r-ALA

I did a search on r-ALA and I have decided to ditch the regular ALA in favor of r-ALA but my question is about using it postworkout with my Surge. In one thread I read that a guy had written T-Mag about the use of ALA with Surge and they said not to because the ALA would ultimatly lead to a lower insulin spike. But somebody correct me if I am wrong wouldn’t it be better to add r-ALA to the Surge to increase insulin sensitivity and get better protein and glucose transport to the muscles with less insulin?

Some people foresake the r-ala post workout because they want high insulin levels for it’s anabolic/anti-catabolic effects. I take r-ala because post-workout to keep from getting too fat from high insulin levels and a bunch of carbs. I guess it comes down to your individual response and preference.

Thanks, I think I will use it since I am currently cutting!

Bearing in mind the above point about individual response, I have found that even without any ala supplementation I get virtually NO fat gain from post-workout supplementation/eating - so long as that eating is confined to protein and carbs.

If you start going to the Chinese buffet after your workouts, then you’ll see fat gain. But if you stick with P&C combinations, you shouldn’t see any real fat gain at all. So my advice would be to leave the ala out of your post-workout drink (and the meal following, maybe), and confine taking it to the other meals you eat throughout the day.

I use r-ala with my surge and still recover good from workouts. Basically, r-ala makes the carbs in surge go where they are supposed to go-stored as muscle glycogen.

Char, I wanted to post something similar to what you said, but I was a little hesitant 'cause I didn’t want to raise any hairs. But, you incited me, so I’ll go ahead (bear in mind, I’m concurring with you, buddy).

You should not even blame fat gain on post-workout carbs. Hell no! If you only eat carbs one time per day, it should be post-workout (or during your workout).

If you are getting fat, it’s not because of the post-workout carbs. It’s because you’re likely eating too many carbs at other times of the day, when they’re not needed and optimal for energy needs.

In addition, you do not need crazy amounts of sugar post-workout. You need only enough to get the insulin up to halt catabolism. Eat an hour or less later and get your carbs from whole-foods.