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Anyone out there mixes Surge with milk?

no way man. surge is a post-workout drink. the casein in the milk slows down the absorption of the proteins. i wouldnt ever mix surge and milk.

Not if they have a brain and read the label.

Not a good idea. Milk contains both protein and carbs, both of which will throw of the delicate balance of surge. It’s a specific ratio that shouldn’t be messed with.

Additionally, the milk will likely slow down the absorption rate of the product. Add only creatine, if anything, and mix with water.

Hope this helps.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the answer is “NO!” for the vast majority of Surge users.

What’s milk?

Read the label. The answer is NO.

Consider your arse scorched.

Like Arnie said, milk is for babies. Men mix their Surge with beer.

I have a question that relates to the issue at hand.

Now, several of you have mentioned that adding a milk-based protein (i.e. casein) to whey will slow the digestion and absorption of whey (this is what I’m gathering from your comments, anyhow), and this is a belief that I prescribed to as well.

However, I have been rethinking this somewhat. For example, when we have a beautfiul protein blend like Low-Carb GROW!, which contains whey isolate, milk isolate and calcium caseinate, don’t we get a large, acute hyperaminoacidemia from the whey and a moderate, longer-lasting hyperaminoacidemia from the casein?

This is my line of thinking and seems to be what I gather from JB’s Bedtime Story, as well as from the highly overpriced Night-Time proteins.

Now, I’m not at all disagreeing with the recommendation that one should not screw with Surge and just add some high-quality H20, no, not at all. I’m just bringing forth an issue that I think needs some clarification.


Zev you need to be specific. Not beer, but Guiness. Got Guiness?

Timbo, your question is entirely to erudite for this thread, and may cause it to implode. Please re-post elsewhere.

Thanks, Char. Will do.