Surge and HGH

I know that training in a fasted state first thing in the morning is not such a great idea, however all the proponents of maximizing HGH secretion and thus weight loss insist training on an empty stomach. Would taking Surge pre-workout blunt the effects of the overnight fast or would it increase HGH secretion due to increased training intensity. Any T-Mag staffers have any input on this?

Well it sure would stop the fast I would however say watch the heck out for a crash from the fast acting carbs and protein if thats All you have post w/o. Have another serving ready to go or sip some during the w/o.

That said I love Surge prior to/during my w/o’s and yes it raises intensity.

I am Not a big beleiver in fasted excersize aside form low-moderate cardio a brisk walk. any thing higher than that and your just asking for LBM loss and lower performance to boot.

Just my 2 cc