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Surge and Grow

I am going to buy some Surge and Classic Grow. When is the best time to take these MRPs? Which one is a better PWO MPR?

I’m not trying to come off as an asshole,but read up,Surge is what you would use PWO,Grow is the MRP…

i like to mix them and sip on it during my workout and then drink another serving after my workout…bm

click on “store” over there to your left and read up on the products.

You guys and your “read up” comments. Try doing a “Surge” or “Grow” search; nine million hits. It would take four days to find the relevant article(s), so I just ask. In theory, everyone could just “read up” and there wouldn’t be a need for a forum. You would think my quwestion was one which would be invited, seeing I am going be buying a Biotest product.

Two quick things:
No one is asking you to do a search for Surge/Grow. They are asking you to read the info that accompanies the product description which, is not that hard to find.
Secondly. The forumers here do not work for Biotest. We don’t benefit from your purchases. Why should we be ecstatic that you are going to buy a product? Just because I shop at Whole Foods doesn’t mean I get excited when someone else tells me they shop there too.

Consuming Surge anytime other than post-workout is liable to decrease your bank account at an alarming rate. Grow is good for your “normal” do-anything protein source, Surge is for your post-workout (or perhaps a little pre, a little in the middle, and a little after).


1)“Surge” is a carefully formulated anabolic/anti-catabolic supplement that grew out of the knowledge gained from recognition of an “anabolic window” that exist DURING and POST-exercise. This is a period that was found to be one in which cells of the body were “primed” for nutrient uptake. Without going into all the Biochemistry, it was found that there was an “optimal” ratio of certain macronutients that not only refilled glycogen stores but also provided stimulated cells with much needed protein.

“Surge” also addressed the manure taste of the thousands of “homemade” post-workout formulations you will find floating around the Net.

So…“Surge” is best used during and post workout as per instructions.

2)“Low Carb Grow”, for me, is my “all-purpose” protein. It can be used alone (as an MRP)…but more often I use it to supplement my protein intake. Vanilla mixes great with just about everything…from fruit and Oatmeal…to eggs and Yogurt…

Hope this helps!


GrowingFast >> the “do a search” comments have become an all to common one. I belong to a few different types of boards and it seems like posters get some form of satisfaction from saying it…just have to roll with it I guess, but it seems to me that it takes less time to skip past a post than type in “DO A SEARCH” if that post really bothers ya…oh well…if you want my 2 cents I use Surge post workout. The minute I finish, before my shower. I then have a Low-Carb Grow and some solid food about 1.5 hours later. Good luck!

The reason people actually take the time to suggest searches, is because we’re trying to prevent the continuance of redundant questions (a question on Surge was asked last week). Having several hits for a search topic doesn’t mean that you have to read them all. It would also take about 30 seconds to find the article on Surge that was out just last week (the second hit from the search).

As I asked before, why even have a forum. Everything could just be “looked up”. Also, it would be nice to get an unbiased opinion. The writers of these articles also have a financial interest in the product.

Dont take the “read up” comments too hard. Obviously you know this IS a biotest site AND there is a little store button on the left. You can get all of your info and MORE there.

Surge is the BOMB!

Look, you go to the store and you will see a description on the supplement there. Now, why have you decided to buy these products without even knowing what they are, what they do and when to use them? You should be asking questions and then deciding whether or not to purchase them.

Oh please. People say “do a search” because this question (or something similar) has come up about 1000000x’s before.

Are you the same idiot who asked about alchol and creatine? FUCKING DO SOME FUCKING READING. What are you, 3? You need mommy to spoon feed you everything.

growinnotatall…why don’t you go read muscle and fitness to get all of your questions answered like…

How many grams of protein should I be taking?
What type of protein is the best?
Should I lift in the morning or the evening?
Am I male or female?

And stop posting on this board with your grade level 1 questions…And it’s hard to avoid you when you have 3 of the 4 top posts in the nutrition section since you keep asking these simple questions…I don’t get annoyed with people too often but you are on the top of my list. Every single question you ask so far can in fact be answered through previous posts or articles on this site. It takes a little bit of thinking on your part to apply some of this information to see what works for you instead of looking for people to spoon feed you.

Whats really sad is I probably look better than the two of you. If you don’t like my questions then you can go back posting on the favorite beer thread. Again, I know what the articles say, I am, however, looking for real advice from real people. I hope you dislocate your shoulders. Not both, just one each.

You’re missing the point. You’re not asking for unbaised advice on whether or not to buy a product. You’re asking how to use the products you’ve already purchased. The directons on the label and on the articles in this site aren’t biased in that regard. They’re just directions written by the people who know best - those who made the supplement.

Face it. You’re kinda lazy and dumb.

Wow, I just noticed there are 2-3 other threads of yours that have all come to the same conclusion. Have you noticed that pattern?

This is a great board and a great site. If you’re being told to read up and educate yourself on 3 other threads by some of the most helpful and intelligent people on this great forum, then maybe you should take note. Ask yourself, if everyone else wrong or are you right?

After looking at your posting history, this seems to be how all your posts end up. I’ve answered several of them myself- things like “I just bought Mag-10, how do you use it?”

Come on bro, there’s tons of info on this already. Again, the directions on the bottles aren’t “biased”.

You’re asking those of us here who don’t get paid anything to post to teach you the things T-mag has already written whole articles on. The pattern is clear.

lazy and dumb…lmfao. So true!