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Surge and Creatine


I'm 19 and a freshman in college. I get done with this semester at the end of April. After that I have about 15 weeks until the start of the season.

I plan on taking Surge and then was wondering about taking some creatine on top of that. Would this work? And would I be able to put on about 10-15 pounds of muscle in this time (net weight). And more importantly what kind of gains could I make in this period?

My diet is fairly good especially for someone my age and my workout is fairly intense.


How long you been training with weights, how much you weigh and what gains you made ?

If you are just starting, the gains would most probably be more rapid, unless you have not been training / eating right.


To answer your first question, yes and it is encouraged to do so on the Biotest creatine label. Second question yes as well, 15 lbs in 15 weeks is certainely doable although nobody can proimse it will be all muscle. Third, where do you go to school that you get out in April?


I've been lifting seriously for about 6 years. Right now I'm about 6'5" 260 pounds. I go to a school that has a May term. This is some kind of small school thing, but i am going to use this to my advantage.



I don't understand the bit about the small school and May term bit but I think 10-15lbs of lean mass is optimistic just from taking Surge and Creatine. If other variables remain the same that is.

What's your diet like ?


Being a college student, my diet isnt always as clean as I would like it but here it goes:

Wake Up (either6:15 am or 7:15)
Protein Shake, piece of fruit, water

Post Workout 9am to 930
Protein Shake, piece of fruit, water

Lunch noon
Lean meat with veggies and some pasta and 50 oz of water

Afternoon snack 230 pm
Tuna sandwich with water

5pm protein shake

615 pm
Lean meat with veggies and some more water

8 tblsp peanut butter

Then on weekends its a bit iffy. COming back from parties at 2 am and ordering a large pizza and eating it all by myself and then falling asleep and then sleeping till 1 are things i gotta workon.


Breakfast should me more carbs and calories, but if you workout right after this might be a prob. Adding carbs and whatever after the workout might help with Surge, rather than just protein.

The last meal needs to be better than peanut butter, try drinking some milk or having from low fat or cottage cheese with it. I expect you are going to say you are lactose intollerant are you ?


That doesnt look like a whole lot of food for someone your size, unless your shakes are packing 1000+ calories each. Surge will help you recover from workouts, but you need to worry more about the other 95% of the day's caloric intake before the post workout window.


Im not lactose intolerant, but i find when i drnk milk after 6 pm i just cant sleep that well and ihave to get up in the night and when i get up, i have a hard time getting back to sleep. As far as my meals go, on lunch and dinner, my csloric intake is still around 1500 b/c the mest isnt always considered lean and i usually throw in a burger (no crap on it, just meat, bun, tomato, ketchup) or a slice or two of cheese pizza. Most of the times i do go back and get seconds on food.


Have the dairy earlier, eat as clean as possible and keep protein and healthy fat intake high, limit carbs to within your needs.


Thanks for the help guys. I will definitely use this info wisely.