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Surge and Creatine Questions


Two questions though

  1. What is the best creatine on the market? I'm looking for something that mixes creatine and arginine, I tried NO-XPLODE but that stuff is horrible for you.

  2. Can you take creatine and glutamine at the same time with Surge or do you have to wait?

Thanks for the help.



  1. Creatine monohydrate (I prefer micronized) is sufficient. I would recommend not wasting your money on "kitchen sink" creatines. I would also recommend not wasting your money on "NO" products.

  2. Surge contains glutamine as part of its formula. Several writers recommend taking creatine with Surge. That is what I do.



Micronized creatine? Is it just a finer powder or does the micronization help transport it faster into your system?



It is a finer powder that mixes with liquid better. Some believe this may lead to faster and easier digestion and uptake. People who experience stomach problems with regular creatine usually experience less or no problems with micronized creatine.




Some people experience bloating, dehydration, cramps, etc. I have never experience any negative effects whilst using creatine, so I don't know from personal experience.



whoa whoa

NO-explode is horrible for you?

I'm almost done with my first container

and prior to that one I did like 3 canisters of NOX-CG3

Am I gonna die? lol.


I doubt that, but you probably aren't doing your wallet any favors.

I'm betting the plain old micronized creatine is cheaper than all the latest hyped stuff.


How is NO-Explode horrible for you? I usually mix a scoop or 2 before my workouts and 30 min-1 hour later I'm jacked up and ready to go. Hardly ever walk away saying I had a bad workout! The only drawback I found was my heartrate gets a little crazy sometimes depending on intensity.


Generally, just go with regular ole Creatine Monohydrate. Take it postworkout with your surge.

Here's a great article on Creatine; it covers when, what, why, and how.



Um, I may be taking your post wrong, but I don't think I or anyone mentioned anything about "NO-explode" being "horrible" for you.

I simply said I recommend not wasting your money on it. It is possible to recommend against wasting money on something without it being horrible for you. :slightly_smiling:



Where was it stated on this thread that it is "horrible" for you?!? Maybe I am just missing something, but I just can't seem to find anything referring to that. I personally don't trust the company that markets the product you mentioned, but that is my opinion (well, it is also shared by many here). Can't someone recommend not using something without people putting words in their mouth?

I don't know if it is horrible for your health, but I believe it to be horrible for your wallet. :slight_smile:



I've been mixing mine together. A reliable source told me to do this so I think its a good idea.


Here is where I read it.

I actually like NO_explode more..

and yeah, I always have a great workout, total intensity and concentration.

personally... NO-Explode > NOX

at least price wise... almost twice the powder from BSN for the same price as the Xyience.


One of the authors on this site did a really big article on creatine and the dangers of mixing two acids together in a creatine product, NO-XPLODE contains two of these elements that actually blocks the uptake of creatine and has been shown in studies to be linked to heart disease.

This is not my opinion but one of the authors on the site wrote about this. I was on my third container of the stuff and then I went to my local retailer and talked to them and they confirmed, wait let me go get a package and I'll put the two dangerous chemicals on the post...........................

They are Glycocyamine and Guanidine Propionic Acid, these two things combined were said by an author on this site to actually block creatine uptake and can be linked to heart disease.

Anyway I hope this helps. I look for the article real quick and try and post a link.



EAS PhospagenHP Creatine

It works well for me.


Here it is,

Dangerous Creatine Article where I got my info, check it out.




Any creatine with the "Creapure" logo is said to be German creatine which is more pure than any other. American made is also supposed to be really good, but not as high a quality (pureness), and Creatine made from China is said to be the worst.

Many different companies use the Creapure creatine, so I just go with the cheapest one that has the creapure logo.

I also like micronized. I heard that it doesn't really cost the companies much more to make it micronized, so I don't understand why they don't all do it. It's just a finer powder and has more surface area. Either the same amount or more will be absorbed with it, so why not?

That's my take on it.


Bloody hell! I didn't even see that this product contains not just one of the harmful compounds, but BOTH.

Nice catch!

BTW-Why don't people look at what they're putting into their bodies? Seriously.


ok.. ok..


so what can I do to try and get similar type reaction as NO-explode/NOX CG3 type products?

I mean, it obviously works for pump/mental clarity.

I'm on like my 4th container for gods sake... Whats my next move?