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Surge and Club Soda

Hey, I remember recently reading a little blurb about mixing Surge with club soda. Normally I’d use the search engine for finding the past posts regarding this subject but the search engine won’t work for me. So what I’m wondering is why do people mix Surge with club soda?

It is speculated that Club Soda can speed up absorption.

Are you sure that you don’t mean Power Drive with club soda?

The carbonation is supposed to increase absobtion with anything. I heard something about the surge though.

I think as a post work out it would be good,but I think during exercise it suck. It would be like drinking a soda. Lot of burping and upset stomach.

Coach Staley recommended that one mix Power Drive (as EC alluded to) with Club Soda. This is due to the fact that the latter increases stomach acidity and therefore increases absorption of the nootropic agent.

Don’t mix Surge with Club Soda. Why? Well, first, why don’t you try to shake up anything with carbonation and tell me how it works. Secondly, the ingredients in Surge are already as good as you’re going to get in terms of absorption time.

In addition, one who’s more into digestion might be able to elaborate on this, but increased acidity in the stomach might actually adversely affect the proteins in Surge.

Surge is absorbed quickly enough as it is, and it’s doubtful that club soda would make much of a difference. You’re thinking about Power Drive.