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Surge and 5 Day Split



I do a five day split with MAX-OT program. Do I have to have a Surge drink every day for 5 days since that is my workout schedule?

The reason I ask is because I?m a little concerned with putting all that simple sugar that comes in Surge into my body, since I try to stay reasonable (90 ? 125 grams) with carbs.



Well I will try and lend my 2 cent here. Those simple sugars are being used up as fast as you are putting them in there. Going straight to your muscles for recovery and refilling the depleted glycogen. So really that shouldn't be much of a worry. You actually need those.

Thats about it I guess except I will mention, I am currently doing a 6 day split and I am using Surge 5 of those days. The reasoning behind not 6 is that 1 of the days is my cheat meal day and I LOAD up after my w/o more than I should anyway. I also keep my diet VERY clean for the most part even during a bulk like I am now.

So dont consider the Surge a bad thing, but as an aid in your recovery, progress and GROWTH!!

Just my 2cc,



Do you take Surge only post workout or do you sip half of it during as well?



Well actually neither. :slightly_smiling:

During this long BULK session I am on I have been going against the grain a bit. Trying something new with my Surge.

I mix up the full dose (2 scoops) and drink it during my w/o finishing it about 10 mins. prior to w/o completion. Then about a half hr after that I have a whole food meal, that is P+C.

Seems to be working GREAT.

Hope that helps,


Q: Should you be concerned with drinking Surge! with every workout?

A: No.

Q: Do I sometimes have fantasies about the Sun Maid raisin girl getting it on with the Land-O-Lakes butter Indian princess?

A: Yes.

RIT Jared


How do I know if all of that simple sugar is getting used up? How can I know how much do I need? The recommended dosage seems to be too generic to fit all of the different people with different muscle development and amount of exercise. The current approach seems to be one size fits all, but do you really believe that this is correct?



Just a quick recommendation, if you have'nt already, read "Solving the post workout puzzle" 1 and 2, and "The science of nutrient timing" part 1 and 2. Those should answer some of your questions. There are also a few references to other articles that can explain further details.