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Surge Alternatives


I'm just curious... what is the difference in taking something like Surge postworkout or instead going the whole foods route... such as a whey shake with an additional 10 grams BCAA's and glutamine + something HI GI like a bagel or even something like honey nut cheerios or a pack of flavored oatmeal?

Wouldn't these "real" foods accomplish the same thing as the maltodextrin in Surge? I doubt they would be absorbed THAT much slower than malto... given their HI GI. Would taking these though have a negative affect on body composition as opposed to Surge, or would there be no difference?

thanks guys!


Hi Skinnymuscles-

I don't think there would be any difference in body composition - at least from my experience with trying both. They both have fast carbs and as long as the cals/macros are the same I think the body comp aspects will be the same.

From my playing I find I am less sore with Surge, but then again, if I was going the whole food route I'd usually have oats and that's kinda slower. Chocolate milk works very well. I think it just depends on what you can stomach and how you feel. I know Jen Heath goes the whole food route and obviously she's got great body comp!!


At the end of the year, if two guys did it your way or took Surge, they'd have made similar progress. Don't get me wrong: I love Surge, and go through over a can a month. But it's more for convenience and a way to support the site.