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Surge Alternative

Is there a cheaper alternative to Surge that would suffice during a mass gaining phase? I beleive I read somewhere that whey + gatorade powder mix is a good one? What kind of ratio would work for this or some other mix? Thanks

Any type of protein + carb mix would due. Surge keeps to a 1:2 protein/carb ratio, but some people keep at 1:1 and I personally aim for 1:3.

Gatorade powder, dextrose in bulk, WMS and even fruit juices (even though some people will claim that this isn’t optimal).

Thanks - so mimicking Surge’s carb and protein values with whey + gatorade powder is a safe bet for a good alternative?

Yeah, it really just comes down getting enough protein and calories throughout the day. Carbs help for replensishing glycogen. You can’t go wrong really.

Are we talking Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery?