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Surge After Football Practice

Today we had our first football practice for spring camp, and i was wondering if it would be a good idea to keep a big bottle with a couple scoops of Surge in it for after practice. I’d just mix the stuff before i took off. Would this be a good idea? I was starving on the way home and ate just about everything in sight once I arrived. I thought a helping of Surge might do well, but i’m really not sure if the body chemistry after football practice is anything like after a weights session.

Any other in-season (kinda) nutrition tips would be appreciated as well. What i’ve been doing is just trying to eat as much as possible during the day and carrying around a big gallon water bottle.

I was reading defranco’s website and I guess he has his athletes take l-tyrosine before training. Would this be a good idea? I really dont have any clue about l-tyrosine other than it seems to be for nerve stimulation (like Power Drive i suppose?)

any and all help is appreciated thanks in advance.

wek, you seem to have a pretty good handle on nutrition and supplementation!

Surge would be great after practice, and if you can get some Gatorade (or generic brand) during practice it’d be even better.

You’re also dead on about the tyrosine and Power Drive. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!


Absolutely! Treat a practice like a workout, unless you really want to lose a lot of fat.


If you can… take it during practice too. Or at least I do…(and after) Besides that way you don’t have to wait in a line for one of the hoses. (plus all the lineman suck on the hoses anyway. ewww lol)

I think it does help for sure. I have more running capacity at practice. However, as far as recovery of the muscles from all the cutting and stuff I bet it helps some but I don’t notice much. I am sure it helps but I am just not aware of it consciously. In other words I still get really sore and end up the next day running at practice sore again. It is really an ongoing thing.

But every little bit helps I’m sure.

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During the season I would go on the seefood diet. Pay special attention to getting plenty of complex carbs all day long.

Sure. I think Surge would be fine. When I was a competitive athlete, I would always have gatorade and a protein bar right after a hard track or soccer practice. (well before I had heard of Surge) There’s a huge difference between practice for a competitive sport and the cardio most non-athletes would do to aid in fat loss or for maintenance and heart health. After a hard session, you want to restock your glycogen stores and get some nutrition in you immediately. You’ll definitely recover better.