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Surge After Bodyweight Workout?


Hello everyone quick question about Surge. Do you think its cool to take Surge after a bodyweight workout (long story) only or do you think I should save it for when I start hitting the weights again?


I feel it kind of depends on exactly how long and intense your workouts are.

What exactly is your workout?
How long is it?

( what i mean is that if i just did some pushups, situps, pullups, etc for like 20 minutes...no, i don't think i would take a powerfull recovery drink)


Proper post-workout nutrition is a function of exercise intensity and duration.

It doesn't matter if you're using a barbell, dumbell, bodyweight, or a machine. The question you need to ask yourself is "am I working hard enough to warrant all the goodness of Surge?"


Hell Surge can be great on NON workout days even to aid recovery. LIke Dave Barr has stated right upon waking.

Now I dont and save it for my w/o's but yes for what your talking about sure




Phill, with you around, I don't even need to come to the forums anymore!


For serious lifters trying to bulk perhaps.
But no way in hell would i suggest that someone who is doing a light bodyweight workout should take a supplement that on non-training days would basically qualify as a weight gainer.

Unless the person wanted to be fat.

Recovery and diet should be in direct proportion to how intensely and frequently you are training...which is really what everyone's saying.


Well really I like real food as well and it should be the base of your diet. BUT I wouldnt classify Surge as a weigfht gainer. 350k/cals of protein and carbs isnt going to make anyone fat. It depends on what else they have in total intake the rest of the day. The Surge however would optimize recovery.

Now a weight gainer they are typically 1000 k/cals or even more lkoaded with CRAP for the most part. I avoid them even bulking.

Just my take,


Hey thanks Dave just doing my best to pass on what was to me eh'

That and you seem to be busy as of late so just attempting to slightly fill your shoes and not make to damn many mistakes untill you can come mop up my mess :slight_smile: