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Surge After Ab Workout?


If I dedicate a day only for ab training, should I take a full serving of Surge after it? I am on a cutting cycle and don't want to consume extra carbs or calories if I won't benefit from it..


if you don't already have a day dedicated to sprints, why not add 100m & 200m sprints to your ab training day. the bodyfat will melt off faster and you'll get to enjoy your Surge.


That's a good idea, but it doesn't fit into what I do.

I almost consider a session of only ab training an off day. Sure I train them hard, but it just isn't as taxing on the body as working your legs, back, or chest.

So should I take Surge after an only ab training session?


i will suggest cardio+abs, that will enhance fat loss much more than just abs, but it depends on the intensity of your ab session, ill probably recommend 1/2 serving of Surge, post workout and then some whole food 1 1/2 to 2 hours after


I really appreciate the responses, but what I am doing in the training department is working.

I need to know from someone with a definate answer:

For maximum muscle devolopment of the abs, should one consume a serving of Surge after an ONLY ab workout? If yes, will this stimulate fat gains due to the fact that an ab only workout is way less intense than a leg or back workout and your body may not need that amount of simple carbs?


You seem to know exactly what you are doing and how you are going to do it, so figure it out for yourself.
Personaly-I think an ab only day is a waste of a good training day. In the economics of training it's penny wise and dollar stupid.


The only time when one shouldn't use Surge is during sex. And that's only because the bitch would make you spill it on the damn comforter.


I think Surge, being a fairly expensive and high quality product, might be overkill after JUST an Abs day... Maybe just a scoop of whey and some OJ??


Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscles, don't neglect them. by NOT using Surge after ab only day, you would be neglecting them. Definetly use Surge after you train abs. Abs are part of your foundation, as in a house, keep them strong.



Why wouldn't you want to foster quicker recovery for your abs?

As long as you train your abs hard, it's another oportunity to promote anabolism and you should take advantage of this.


...or just drink some fat free chocolate milk afterwards


This is easily the smartest thing that anyone has said in this thread.

Dan "Puts the 'fun' in 'functional'" McVicker


try workin your legs on that day too, cuz most compunt leg exercises stimulate your abs as well.


What I am saying, Smart-Ass, is that my program is going well in terms of fat loss and I don't want to add any more aerobic activity. I have gone from 240 to 230 in a little over a month and have lost barely any strength. My waist has also gone from a 36 to 34. I am strictly looking for information concerning ab devolopment in terms of what to feed them after an ab workout.


Michaelmr and ChrisKing:

Thank you for answering my original question. This is exaclty what I wanted to know. Thanks again.


OKEY DOKEY! There Miss Congeniality, but who said anything about cardio?
Try thinking outside of your box for a moment and looking toward creating more oxygen debt, thus increasing metabolism, and burning more calories during the recovery phase. Sory I burst your cardio for fat loss bubble.

Besides, what I have learned and experienced is that ab work goes best with whole body movements that activate the entire torso, then hitting them as secondary with weighted twists, situps and lateral bends afterwards. That 1000 rep for wonderfull abs crap has been debunked for a while now. As has localized fat burning.

And what to feed them afterwards? Same thing you feed any other major muscle group. They don't "eat" anything any differently than any other muscle group.
btw- I thought from your fat burning thread that you were starting at 230, not 240 down to 230.
For someone who knows so much, you sure ask a lot of questions.


Oh. My bad. You did state 240, but no mention of 230.


You stated that an ab only workout is "a waste of a good training day". I alternate between working abs after major muscle groups, working after cardio and working them alone on an OFF DAY. Can someone please explain to me how mixing things up and working abs on an off day could be a waste of time?

You assume way too much. Read my original question and then let me know why you went off on your little tangent.


Having not made mention of your plan was a prety big omission, don't you think?
I still stand by the statement that an ab only day is a waste of time, especialy in the context of your origional post.
And what with the tangent? Well, the smart ass comment is a good place to start. Care to explain how you justify that?
Besides, at this point it looks like you are just taking the stuff that was mentioned in my posts and going-"Oh yea, Of course I do that.".
At this point (and all others proir) I could realy give a shit about explaining stuff you should allready know. Good luck on achieving your goal, but with your level of contempt proir to investigation combined with an astounding ability to leave out major points I doubt that will happen.


Umm, taking the stuff in your posts and saying "oh ya of course I do that"? What the hell are you talking about? You are a Smart-Ass. I think you also have a case of Little-Man's-Complex.

Nobody should have to include that information for the question that I'm asking. Why were a few other people able to answer my question before that information? You seem to be the only one stuck on this.

Also, I never claimed to be a guy who knows so much like you stated previously. I asked a simple question. I have learned a great deal about nutrition and training over the years and I don't stop learning.