Surge 3 Days a Week or 4?

Sup fellow supplement nerds,
I just got back from a music tour in which food was limited and there was no money for supps. Managed to stay in pretty good shape though as far as exercise, pushups pullups not enough weights for squats or deads (settled for 1 leg squats and king deads which are still pretty sweet) but benched a few times.

Currently I am living at home so I have no rent to pay which is sweet and work part time 25-30 hours so I have plenty of time and energy to rebuild what I lost. I am going to ordering supplements to which my budget allows. I have a Fantastic fucking diet and am going to be in musclebuilding mode. I have decided to drop 160 bones at the outset and grab 2 jars of Surge Workout Fuel, 1 Surge Recovery, and 1 Metabolic Drive low carb.

I figure I can eat the rest and omega 3s are in most foods I buy (yeah I know it’s not enough. But after I build enough I’ll go back to Flameout). Here’s the math. 30 servings in each Surge and 31 in the Metabolic Drive. If I work out three days a week (full body) I will have enough supplements to have perfect nutrition. Why? Because the recommended Surge is to take 3 servings each workout day.

Here’s the question. Because of the amount of Surge Workout Fuel required each training day perfect nutrition is limited to three days a week. But I know enough that higher frequency will create greater muscle gains when the laws of muscle are paid attention to. So 4 days would probably be best right?

And actually I just realized that I would have enough Surge Workout Fuel for 4 days a week. But that means 160 bones every month roughly. My budget would prefer 3 days a week but I am wondering how much of a difference 4 days will make? Sorry for typing like a douche.

I meant perfect supplementation, not nutrition. I also am coming back off of a 6 week absence from intense lifting so I figure three full bodies. And it means I get to use Surge Post over a two month period saving me some dough. Open to discussion.

The only way you’ll ever know is to try both options.

Personally, I’d rather give up something else than not be able to use Surge Workout Fuel for every hard workout. It works that well for me.