Sure Wish My New Thread Wasn't Merged Into an Old One

I specifically made a new thread about my trt blood work because the information in the old thread was bad and i said as much in the first sentence. I understand that the mods want to keep threads contained, but the problem in this case is that my initial thread was entitled “how long to recover from crashed e2?” while my new thread simply asked for help interpreting my blood work. There are a lot of forum members who can comment on my blood work but may not be able to estimate how long it takes to cover from a crashed E2. I really need help with my new blood work and am getting significantly fewer responses than usual most likely because of the thread title.

It’s not about keeping threads “contained”, it’s about keeping the forum from being cluttered and helping threads build more information.

In your original thread, which was less than two weeks old before you posted the new one, part of the advice you received was to get new labs and monitor the results.

The topics are intertwined, so it makes no sense posting a separate standalone thread about those results, especially since you have gotten feedback from multiple members after posting the numbers.

Not really true. You got 5 replies in 12 days the original thread and 3 additional replies in less than 24 hours after the the threads were merged. I know your situation sucks, but give it time. The advice you’ve gotten has been solid.


I cannot speak for E2 testing, but during a brief stint with good old Win, my lipids took roughly 3 months to recover. My HDL has dropped significantly, and even at month two I was sitting at 36, which is still considered the danger zone (anything below 40). However while taking, this number was in the teens.