Sure As Sh*t Ain't Strong - 5/3/1

I’ve decided to start a training log here to document my progress and get my stuff together. The log will be probably end up getting lost in cyberspace never to be seen by anybody, but it makes me feel accountable for my training and gives me a sense of commitment to the program. I have just started running a new cycle of 5/3/1, which involves pyramiding sets and getting some extra volume for the big lifts using the vanilla percentages. My numbers are nothing special. I’m caught in the cloudy grey area right now where I’m not weak enough to be called weak, but sure as shit ain’t strong enough to be called strong. Thus the name. Main goal is to get stronger in the big 4 and kick ass in general. Here we go.

ESTIMATED 1RM & INITIAL TRAINING MAX’S (in KiloGrams) ----26/MAR/14----

Squat: 145kg - TM = 130kg

Bench: 92.5kg - TM = 84kg

Deadlift: 180kg - TM = 162kg

OHP: 57.5kg (pathetic I know) - TM = 51.75kg


Bench Press:- 55x5, 62.5x5, 70x7, 62.5x5, 55x3x8

Preacher Curls:- 25x3x10, additional drop sets of 10

T-Bar Rows:- 110x5x10

Tricep Pushdowns:- 2x15 @ 23 kg

Felt a little off today as I was recovering from a cold which effectively turned my workout to shit on Monday. Definitely felt like I would have had another good two reps in me if I was 100% but it was a decent effort nonetheless. Extra volume was good. Bring on Friday