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Suprise! It's October, Biden is Corrupt

New York Post bombshell. This is a legit bombshell, with a bomb in it. Joe is busted. Hunter is more than busted.
Here is a snippet:
" Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post."
The article speaks for itself:

Now we have proof. Biden is as corrupt as it gets!
And Hunter is on CRACK! No, really he’s literally on Crack…

Facebook and Twitter are blocking this story… More on that to come.

EDIT: This is to include the newly release Biden\ China scandal. This is massive corruption…

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OMG even vox is reporting about this.


Here is the overt censorship by Facebook and Twitter… I will let Jimmy Dore explain it. He does a better job than me.

Now the short story is that this article does not violate any rules. But they are suppressing and censoring it anyway, awaiting fact check… Really?
By the way, this extends to you. If you post or refer to this article or this topic, you will be censored too. Give it a shot and see what happens.

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Here’s another by NPR… Gee, I wonder why? Maybe to help Biden?


Perhaps they’re busy fact checking.

But I don’t remember them doing the same for the article on Trump’s taxes( I could be wrong, though).

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Of course is bullshit. No they never censor anything left. ANTIFA organizes on twitter and they never censor that.
This is elitism at the highest level. Authoritarianism.
The main thing is that Biden is busted. He not only knew about Hunter’s business, he helped.
The NY Post did a great job on this article. This is a cold bust of Biden’s utter corruption and contempt for the people.

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No, come on, let’s not go that far lol. Fox is definitely going to cover this extensively and they have the largest market share among all the media outlets.

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Lol. What was it yesterday Obamagate was bigger than Watergate? Didn’t take you long to move off that one and onto the next. Damn no Obamagate…his emails! When do we do Benghazi investigation again?

Maybe this is the be all end all Joe is over moment. He certainly is going to have less ability to dodge than Trump who we are used to seeing things like this from.

But this says that it may not be all it’s cracked (intentional) up to be. But who knows. Just seems really quick to jump on the omg here it is train yet. Also weird to jump on a dude for a drug habit. Don’t vote Biden his son was an addict seems like a really desperate play. But the way the polls look right now we will see plenty of these “bombshells” in the coming weeks.

This is not too far. This is overt.
If you post the story or refer to it, you will be censored. If your on Facebook or twitter, try it and see what happens.

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What I’m saying is we don’t want to use the word “authoritarianism” like that or it dilutes it’s true meaning. These are private enterprises. The dude you posted on youtube wasn’t taken down for his views.


Is it just me or has Trump’s desperation finally landed on this forum?

And while we’re at it, can we also talk about Trump’s displeasure with AG-Barr and FBI Director-Wray over their failings to act on and support said desperation?


I’ve written about it in the other thread, but I’ll repeat it again here - the authors or redactors of the “bombshell” (Bannon probably) mixed up the Ukrainian personalities and their respective criminal/business allegiances in the “bombshell narrative”.

It would be akin to me writing a bombshell conspiracy theory about the WH suppressing information about alien visits to Earth with the line "In the White House, President Trump conferred with his two closest confidants - Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib about the imminent danger from an alien invasion"

I guess Andrii Derkach (posing with Rudy while literally passing on kompromat), the man US Treasury (Trump’s not Obama’s) labelled as a Russian intelligence operative did his part but the two elderly men, one of them suffering from dementia messed it up…

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Twitter blocked the WH Press hottie lol That’s absurd.

The Biden’s aren’t the issue here. These social media platforms have gathered way too much power, buying out all rivals at rates that would freak regulators out if they were physical business and they are completely unchecked with no oversight in relation to controlling the flow of information.

The big platforms need to be broken up, the underlying infrastructure is one thing that needs to stay. The bits people engage with need competition so when “Facebook” pulls this bullshit half their products go to “Assbook” but they can still happily communicate with their friends.

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Alright that’s the final straw! I can let anything else slide! NOT THIS!


What kind of monster would do this to her?


Speaking of WH staff, Hicks is to me ridiculously hot, but I’ve never actually understood why do people find Kayleigh attractive?

Also, censoring the Post link is a very dumb move, not least because it will provide fodder for the conspiracy theorists, I mean Trump’s base.

The story itself can be easily debunked. This is good overview of the bad faith actors in question:

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She’s just hot. HOT.

I swore off watching and reading anything to do with politics for a couple of months but it’s only because of her that I’m still doing so.

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As the hinges of hell.


This is what deranges me. The Steele dossier and the endless non-sourced reporting of every beltway leak wasn’t subjected to such scrutiny by social media gatekeepers.

Folks above have laid out reasonable reasons for doubting the veracity of this story, and the providence of the source, but for fuck’s sake, could they just play it even handedly for once?

Edit: as for the fact checkers, the list of FB trusted fact checkers leaves much to be desired.

I should add, I find ‘fact checker’ organisations, especially in politics, to be either hubristic or Orwellian as a concept, and I am not sure which concerns me more.


‘Fact checkers’ are the secular equivalent of the papacy, change my mind.