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Supressed, Choosing a SERM

Hi! I posted a while ago and needed some advice. Now, I got some labs back. Didn’t want to repost but my old thread seems dead. (Hope this will not annoy people too much now!)

These are the numbers i got back from the Doc so far. Some values might be in Swedish but it should be fairly obvious what is what I think. What i can understand from this (From my own very limited knowledge) I need a SERM since LH etc is supressed. (and fairly low T). It would seem it’s hard to choose though, Sitting on loads of Clomid and Nolva now. Just about to start. (Took time to get a hold of em) and also a bundle of Adex & HcG but I guess thats of little use atm.

Read through the SERM and AI sticky and it would seem Nolva is superior in many ways since Clomid can sentizise the leydlig cells further (I’ve used a lot of HcG in my days) or did I get that totally wrong? It’s a hard choice when you’re sitting on both!)

I seem to have regained a small amount of my levels, but it’s horribly slow at the moment. (I ended a cycle without PCT, stupid, I know.)

B-CRP-Intern (internal?) - <8 mg/l
B-Hb-Intern - 168 g/l
P-Glukos (Glucose) intern - <8.1 mmol/l
P-PK - 1.0 INR

S-Follikelst hormone - 1 U/L
S-LH - 2 U/L
S-Prolaktin (Prolactine?) - 9,3 ug/L
S-Testosterone - 11 nmol/L

P-Bilirubin - 3 umol/L
P-ASAT - 0,40 - ukat/L
P-ALAT - 0,69 - ukat/L
P-ALP - 1,5 - ukat/L

P-Amylas/Pancreas - 0,43 ukat/L
P-LD- 2,3 ukat/L
P-TSH- 2.2 mU/L
P-Tyroxin Free. FT4 - 17 pmol.

I always go with Nolva. Clomid left always made me feel super emotional…plus I have read from a reliable source that it increases shbg.