Supreme Greens With MSM

Anybody try this stuff before? Is it a legitimate nutraceutical or BS? I was recently given a bottle by my folks.

Just looked it up and I think as far as greens powders go it is pretty sketchy.

A serving has 2000mg’s total. This 2000mg’s is split between over 30 ingredients. I really wonder if their is enough of ANYTHING to do much good. I reallize the ingredients are concentrates but none seemed to be standardized for active ingredients.

Specifically the dosage of MSM seems questionable. Most take upwards of 1000 mg of MSM daily. That would be half the blend in itself! I highly doubt they have anywhere near enough in the blend to be effective(MSM’s effectiveness is even arguable in itself).

If I were to take this I would ATLEAST double or triple the daily dose just to make sure you are getting enough of the extracts to do much of anything.

My greens powder, for instance, reccomends a daily dosage of 12 grams.

Hope this helps some

At $40/bottle that seems a bit pricey. What greens powder do you use?