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Supreme Court


This article make me like Miers less and makes her seem to be more the pick that I expected Bush to make. What do you think.



The overall point of that article is kind of stupid. No kidding that judges tend to be overeducated and prefer "chardonnay and the symphony" over "Bud and NASCAR." That's kind of the point.

As for Meiers, everyone is focusing on one issue - whether she'll overturn Roe. Guess what: the USSC deals with about 100 other legal issues such as tax, bankruptcy, and patents, some of which may seem boring by comparison, but nevertheless just as equally important.


What abbout being able to read and interpret the law regardless of race, religion or sex?

Oh... Sorry I forgot about "political correctness".


When thinking of the court of last resort in this country, the last thing I think about is whether or not the court 'looks' like America.

These are not elected positions, nor do openings come open very often. When they do, the best and brightest should be appointed with a complete disregard for whether or not the 'face' of the court 'matches' the demographics of the country.

That being said, it looks like a lot of business related issues could stand a chance of coming before the Court, and a lawyer with lots of practical business experience would add a good dimension to the Court.

Whether Miers is that person remains to be seen.


Hmmm, doesn't the US attorney general or whatever he or she is called get to choose to get involved in various issues and present the government case?

Doesn't having you buddies on the bench allow you to give them a call and ask them to hear the government case because it is important for such and such a reason?

Don't kid yourself that there is only a random set of activities taking place. Oh what the heck, just put the blinkers on and be led by the nose, it's not like it is my problem.


I think it's called the Solicitor General. And he can call his buddy all he wants. The court decides what cases they will hear - not just the newest one on the bench.

I swear - the fear of having a qualified woman on the court that happens to be friends with the President sure stirs up a lot of fear in the Canadian Thinker.

Why is that?


You mean a government attorney calling a judge to convince the judge to hear a case?