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Supraspinatus Tendonitis


I saw a physio yesterday and was told that I have supraspinatus tendonitis. However I do not know how reliable this is as i had to explain what bench press was so I am going to see my regular physio in my hometown.

In the mean time I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on different treatment and if you have had this before which treatments worked best for you.



I also have supraspinatus tendonitis and am interested in any useful info. How long does it usually take to heal this if you just let it be and rest (no workouts)?


Depends how bad it is the physio said it could go away within the week however as i said i am not confident in her diagnosis.

Although advice i have got so far from other sources are get some ibuprfen gel and rub into area three times daily one of which rub in hard other two softer so you dont agrivate the tendon as that can happen easily with ibuprofen gel.

And also the obvious hot and cold treatment.

Also you dont need to stop training altogether just stop training the movements that are painfull.


Thanks for the info.
Do you feel any pain on top of your scapula?


Depending on the severity a week off the painful movements should do the trick, I had a slight impingement ice and some ultrasound 5 days later I am back to the usual. Just tapering up now after slowly re-introducing the afore mentioned movements


no my pain is down the front of my shoulder around my anterior deltoid but i just assume the pain differs to where the tendon is being aggravated. i may try some ultra sound ive had pain for three weeks now and its getting better but not back to a condition i feel the problem has dissapeared.


Probably best to work out why your shoulder started hurting.
Is there a structural abnormality, anteriorly rotated shoulder?
muscular imbalance (anterior delts/pecs stronger than back/poor scapular control)
muscular tightness ie pecs/lats/posterior shoulder
poor training/technique
Could be many many things

find the cause of the problem eliminate it and allow your shoulder to heal

limit over head pressing and be cautious of pressing

as for treatments
if your tight then stretch/trigger point/restore range of movement
imbalance/poor control then strengthen appropriate movements/muscles as able

as for ultrasound for rehab, it has limited evidence to support it's use, its a good way for your physio to waste 10 minutes of treatment time. Although granted its thermal effect will temporarly make your shoulder feel better.

But yeah probably best to consult your original physio for specifics of a rehab programme. The physio u saw should have done this already but as you say she may not have know much about sports specific shoulder injuries.

Hope this helps


Aye it does I've already established that I have a problem with pec tightness and i am now starting to do alot more scap control movements to sort that side of things out.

I am also going to go through eric cressys neaderthal no more to see if i have a problem with anteriorly shoulder rotaiont etc.

Thanks for the info my shoulder is already feelin alot better with just stopping my pressint movements and using ibuprofen gel daily.


I have the same problem. It still gives me crap at times. What helped me is less full range pressing and opt for reverse bands, chains, and partial ROM via boards and floor presses. When I db press, I let the db be at a slanted angle to prevent shoulder strain.

I also found exercises like cuban presses, band pull aparts, and face pulls to be very useful. Work a tennis ball over the area too. Be sure to stretch your pecs, lats, traps, and rotator cuff stretch type stuff.

Make sure your shoulders are warm before you touch a barbell. It's made a huge difference for me.


I will occasionally foam roll my supraspinatus by laying on a tennis ball with the ball situated right under the muscle. You can also get your teres this way.

If you don't know exactly where it is, look it up online. It's right above the bony spine on your shoulder blade and it will probably be tender when you put pressure on it. You can then roll although to be honest it's a small muscle and you're not going to get a lot of range of motion. What I do is once I've located it and gotten some pressure on it I'll get my upper arm into a 90/90 position (abducted 90 degrees, externally rotated 90 degrees) and rotate in and out. Imagine "threading" the muscle between the tennis ball and the flat edge of the shoulder blade. Of course get both left and right sides.

Be careful! Do not go bananas and roll the shit out of it with tons of time/pressure as it's a small muscle and if there's any acute inflammation, best to wait for that to subside. Again, ease into it, better to use too little pressure/time and build up to it than rush in.


Any of u guys getting aches in the morning after sleeping on your affected side?


thanks for all the info i shall try it all out.

Conorh will foam rolling the teres in this way eliviate the pain down the front of my shoulder?

to Keenans2000 i do indeed sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes i cant get to sleep others it just aches in the morning sometimes i dont notice it although this is rare.


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Agh thanks a lot BBB as I said at the start I was not confident with the physios original decision as I had to explain a lot of basic concepts to her.

What would you advise to give a better indication of whether or not it is supraspinatus tendonaitis or if air is bicep tendoniatis?


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Hrm slight problem with those I'm pritty sure I found the bicipital groove and that was painful than the unijured side however clue two was fine and did not generate any pain at all until the pressure was released.

The clue you gave for ss tendon created no pain at all I may need to go see my decent physio at home not up here.

BBB you don't happen qto know any good physiotherapists in either Aberdeen or Edinburgh?



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Thank you very much for all your help BBB I shall go and visit my physio in Edinburgh back home that I trust and know well he at least has some insight into weight training where as the one I saw in Aberdeen didn't even know what a bench press was and I had to explain that to her.

Any advice on how I can help elevate some of the pain until I get a chance to go back to Edinburgh and visit my preferred physio?



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Thanks a lot BBB I shall do that. With the crossfriction should I do this twice daily or more than that less than that? If you say it works I'll give it a shot pain is temporary and as a guy that sheer to train in the same gym as me used to say 'if it herts it works' haha not always true but you get the point haha.

I won't over do it I'll probes start with 60 seconds and work my way up to 90 over a few days.

Thanks again BBB your advice is very much appreciated and I will keep you posted on how it goes for me.