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Supraspinatus Tear for 8-9 Months Now

Hi all,

I made a thread about this a couple months ago but didn’t get any feedback and am really concerned about it now.

It’s been 8-9 months since I tore my anterior supraspinatus snowboarding by landing directly on my left shoulder.

For the new couple months after that I continued as usual at my job as a shelf stacker which involved a lot of heavy lifting which didn’t obviously help the case.

I saw a chiro for 4 months after that but my insurance can’t cover it any more so I had to stop.

even after all those sessions my shoulders still in the same condition as it was to begin with. I’ve gotten some range of motion back but even any extension of the arm without any resistance gives a deep pinch in the area. Things like putting my my jacket and closing doors behind me as I keep walking cause this and it’s getting to the point where it’s really impacting me mentally as it prevents me from going to the gym and any other physical activities. snow seasons coming up in australia and I just don’t wanna risk it again while it’s still torn.

I’m going to see my GP in a few days, my main questions I wanted to ask you guys is:

  1. is this time frame normal for a muscle tear? I heard it only takes around 6-8 weeks for an injury like this to fully heal. I know my continuous lifting after the injury didn’t help, but I’ve been put on registers since the start of the year so that’s 4-5 months of no lifting
  2. the chiro recommended cortisol shots if it got to a ridiculous point - she said it doesn’t actually ‘heal’ the muscle but rather reduce imflammation so that you can lift weights etc and hopefully by the time it ‘wears off’ the muscle will have fully healed through all the training. The cost doesn’t worry me so much, i’ve got money for a rainy day saved up but I’ve heard mixed results about cortisol shots.
  3. are there such things are prescription steroids in australia for cases like this? if not, i have a friend that’s able to get me some, but again given I know nothing about them I don’t just wanna pop/inject anything. A guy at my gym mentioned something about dbols but i thought they just retained water in the muscles?

Any help or recommendations to next steps would be much appreciated, thanks

I’ve had great success with a combo of acupuncture and massage. Both work differently but synergisticly to promote healing. Once the area is feeling better then Indian club work would help rehab the shoulder girdle. Let me know how it goes

i just did a quick google of indian clubs, looks real interesting, ill definitely have to look into it more. I’ve been doing resistance band exercises but im just so frivolous with it because of how slow the results, or lack of, have been. how long did your injury take to fully heal?