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Supraspinatus (RC) Injury - Please Help!



I’ve been dealing with a very annoying shoulder problem and i hope you guys could help me out.

Background (long read): I’ve been working out for a while now, did all the usual exercises (benching, OHP, etc) that usually cause shoulder problems for people, but they never bothered me. My shoulders were always fine. Then last year in May i decided to play some paddle tennis on the side. After a few weeks of that, something happened when I tried to hit a ball overhead really hard. It felt as if something tore in my shoulder and the whole thing became warm and painful in a few seconds. This injury was very painful for a few days and nights but subsided after about a week. Stupid as I am, I resumed the paddle tennis and again the same thing happened, only worse… I could barely use my arm after this and I decided to go to the doctor. I eventually visited 3 different doctors for a total of 7 consultations and all they did me was to give 2 cortisone injections and send me to a PT. I went to the PT for about 8 sessions. They did all kinds of massages, accupunctural stuff, etc… The shoulder pain was a lot better already, but it had more to do with me not doing any exercise anymore. Finally i want to a specialist and he said the injury was just a minor overstretching of the supraspinatus, not a tear at all. He told me to do a bunch of stretches and small strength exercises and so I did. The shoulder got a lot better, but now that i’m starting to work out again, it seems pretty much every upper body exercise that involves the shoulder, aggravates the injury again. It’s not like it hurts a lot or anything, i can just feel that something is wrong with it compared to my other arm, which feels totally fine.
I don’t know what to do anymore really… They basically told me it’s nothing, but it still doesn’t feel like nothing. It’s almost been a year since i’ve been able to work out normally and it’s driving me crazy!


Did you have any imaging done, most notibly an MRI?

If not, you may want to since this is a lingering issue.

However, in my experience, shoulder ailments take a long time to clear up.

Careful with any stretching, it’s already a lax joint, especially with an injury. I’ve noticed strengthening and stability work to be most helpful for me in my recovery. With stretching, most issues come from tight pecs and lats, so give them some love. That’ll free up the joint without stretching it directly. I like to roll out the areas with a med ball, and stretch them laying over a med ball on upper back, with wide grip on pvc, arms locked out over head. Lay there for 2 mins.

Take your time with this. Rushing will get you in trouble. 800mgs Vitamin I 3-4 times per day for a week may assist you. I’m not a Dr though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! Haven’t had an MRI yet… I live in Belgium, they don’t just put you under that thing for smaller things… I even asked the specialist (orthopedic surgeon) if they could operate on it, he said yes they could, but he didn’t want to do it because i was too young (30 years old)…