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Supraspinatus Pain



i’m having shoulder issues for severals months now and it’s really pissing me off now.

I have internally roateted shoulders from bad posture in combination with an anterior pelvic tilt and also an lateral pevlic tilt to my right side, which is also the side that is my affected shoulder(left one is fine).

I’m already doing quite some rehab there but it seems that my external rotators infra- and supraspinatus are overstretched from bad posture.I’m was foam rolling both but i read this only makes it worse, as foam rolling is another form of stretching.

I’m stretching my pecs/lats/upper traps, and i’m mobilizing my t-spine, and my shoulder joint.I’m also follsing my shoulder which really didn’t do much good.So i started doing kelly starrets shoulder relocations by doing these kind of turkish get ups and driving the humerus into the socket.This hurts a bit, but after doing it my arm feels better and also this snapping sound is gone but it gets back to normal rather quickly.

My posterior capsule seems to be worn and i can move around my humerus there quite a bit and this really makes some cracking sounds.

I’m also strenghting the whole rotator cuff(band pull apparts,face pulls, etc.) but when doing “No moneys” the back of my right shoulder where the supraspinatus should hurts like it would tear.Feels inflammed.

So what can i do to reduce the stretch on my supraspinatus?Wouldn’t less stretch help to pull my humerus back into the socket?