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Supraspinatus Impingement


I’m an 20 year old olympic weightlifter, still in the phase of learning the techniques with lighter weights. In the last month, I started feeling a light pain in my right shoulder after the training, which normaly wasn’t any longer there after sleeping over it. But on friday it got worse. An other weightlifter diagosted it as an possible supraspinatus impingement. It doesn’t cause pain during normal activities, but when i lift my right arm 45? in front of me, pinky up, i feel a discomfort in about the upper part of the movement. I think fridays snatch grip high pulls caused it. I don’t whant to make it worse, since I had a inflammation of the long right biceps head for about 4 months and know how awkfull it can get. So what are your suggestions for rehabbing it and the training of the next weeks, exercised to do and to avoid?

Typical routine contains barbell snatches or drop snatches, cleans, jerks (light, still learning), squats and sometimes RDL. After that I usually do some alternating sets of barbell benching and rowing (think I should stop benching for a while) or some chins. The weightlifter who told me about the possible impigment said more rowing to the stomach could do the job. Are db sots presses ok?

drop everything for two week, serious! do external rotation work three days a week w/ a day off in between… go to exrx.net and look that up… they are exercises that you probably have never done but they work to bring back balance to the rotator cuff… the 7 minute rotator solution guide helped me out…

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