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Supraspinatus Impingement


I’ve been battling a right shoulder injury for the past 1.5 years. I will have about 3 months where is feels pretty good not 100% and then I will have to take 6-8weeks off as it starts swelling up and becomes very weak. I’ve been to 3 doctors so far the first which said nothing seemed wrong as I passed every shoulder test, and then the second doctor sent me to physical therapy which helped, but the injury ended up coming back.

When the injury is at its worst I get a clicking sensation and pain in the front of the shoulder it feels like where the chest meets it, and extreme tightness at my supraspinatus. As of a week ago I went for an MRI and the doctor recommended getting a decompression surgery, as he said the impingement is very evident in the MRI.

For those of you have gone through a similar injury and or the surgery did you feel pain and clicking in the front of your shoulder? If you went through the surgery, did you find it to improve your symptoms and were you able to get back to lifting/sporting activities at the level before the injury.

Thanks and I appreciate any feedback,


ART as I refuse to get operated on

Hi, I had surgery in May, reattacing the subscapular & supraspinatus. I’m no where near ready to doing any upperbody work and hve been advised it will be sometime before I can consider it. My physio will not say how long as it all depends on how well I respond to the PT.

I noticed the ‘clicking’ in the shoulder and occassional loss of strength numerous occassions over the last couple of years. Last October, I felt a snap whilst doing pull up’s and following that was in a great deal of pain. I could’nt lie on the shoulder in bed, had pain in the shoulder and elbow as well as numbness or pins & needles in the fingers. Any bench or presswork was either difficult or aggrevated the problem.

To date, there is a massive improvement in comfort. I can now sleep without pain or use of pain killers. I am confident that in time I will be able to return to my normal training routine, possibly with some changes and additional shoulder exercises!

Good luck.