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Supraphysiologic Testosterone Dose and Gains?

Totally new to the Testosterone world and starting TRT for low T this past year so please excuse any dumb questions. I have a couple questions possibly better suited here vs TRT forum in regards to Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone.

First, what is considered A Supraphysiologic Level of Testosterone Looking at total T and free T? Notice I say level vs dose because I have learned petiole respond differently to doses. Is it anything above 1100 on quest lab scale For example Or would it be anything over 2000?

At what total T levels would you expect to see significant increasing gains on T alone? 1000,1500, 2000,2590 etc etc

Thanks for any information you can add been trying to educate myself.

Supra physiological should be above the highest value on your lab range I assume. The threshold for significant gains varies from person to person.

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Awesome thanks, my labs were at 1400 total T and with another click of T cream it hits nearly 2000 total T. Unfortunately my free T is always low compared to My total just 19-30 free T depending on dose lately.

I feel really good at both dose maybe a touch more energy/pump at the higher dose. I’m really not sure if I would gain much in the gym with higher dose 2000 T compared to 1400 maybe not enough difference.

We aren’t talking true cycle levels for sure by any means. Just trying to get the most benefits and edge in gym out of my TRT treatment. When you hit mid age with low T TRT is a blessing for guys like me who still workout daily with faster recovery and easier to maintain gains.