Hi. I’d like to open a thread dedicated to supramaximals. It would be interesting what could be said about them. Basically, I’m refering to 2 types of supramaximals:

  1. Training methods you’ve used (partials, isometrics, eccentrics) and how you benefited from them…
  2. Failed attempts at 1RM PRs and what you did to eventually reach that PR…

For 1), I rarely do them, but I’ve been partial front squatting 150% my 1RM for 10x3 for the past week. I mainly do it to help my top ROM to be strong and explosive (for vertical jumping). I don’t know exacty how, but they helped me set a bench press 3RM PR with ease on the same day. I’ve yet to see the benefits to my jump. As for 2), I’ve hurt (not injure) myself benching more than I should’ve. When that happens, my bench strength regresses for several days, so I stay away and rest then attempt again after a week or 2.

What are your experiences with supramaximals?

  1. I’ll be trying a supramaximal only program come June. It’s all negatives and partials alternated. I’ve never tried them but I’m excited.

  2. I only attempt PRs after an entire training cycle which takes months. I always set PRs. Once I reach my limit, I enter another cycle for another exercise.