Supps with Steroids?

Hi, I just started cycle D-bol and Anavar. Plan is to do 8 weeks 20 mg each ED.
I havent take any steroids for 8 yrs now and I never been a mega doser too, hence the dosage which looks probably funny to most of you today.
Anyway, I have HBP and very 1st day it went pretty high !
My schedule is 10 mg D-bol in the morning and mid day, then 10 mg Anavar afternoon and evening.
Yesterday was my 2nd day and I took only one 10mg dose of D-bol in the morning, my pressure rised so I wanted to call it a day and stop everything altogether.
But now I am wondering, I have Shilajit capsules and Boron.
Shilajit is pretty known to lower BP.
Anyone used supplements like Shilajit or Boron DURING the AAS cycle?
I used to take lots of liver and prostate support along, so it make sense to me.
Thank you.

I know this isn’t the question you asked, but do you really think trading in 20mg Dbol and 20mg Anavar for all of your natural testosterone its a good trade off?

My suspicion would be that your natural testosterone levels would be more anabolic than 20/20 dbol and anavar. Not to mention you’re gonna feel like shit with no T surely?

Where’s your base? No test?

Thanx for replies guys,
yup, no test, just old timer’s cycle - few tablets a day.
probably will stop it, feels jittered and red in face. :wink:

If you have bp issues then dbol is not your friend. You should be able to run the anavar much higher without an issue, but I would strongly urge you to reconsider the whole thing.

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