Supps while injured

I was injured at work, and 5 doctors and 2 months later I find out that I have torn my left shoulder and pec, and I am supposed to be going to therapy but they are slow assed about geting me in there.
Right now I am only taking a multi and fish-oils. So I am wondering if there are any supplements that can aid in the repair of torn muscles.
Or any that I should be on to just keep the muscle loss as low as possible.

I have stopped lifting to let it heal so I am destined to be a running fool for the next little while.

Any help is appreciated.


Think about your question…

“…repair damaged muscles…”

If you workout you are causing damage and that repaired damage and adaptation is where you gain strength and size. Now in this case you will not be gaining size or strength as you havent given the body a signal to adapt BUT you have caused the damage. The same supplements for training repair will aid in injury repair.

Protein being a top one.

Also remember to adjust your calories down for the lesser activity in your life, but increase the protein ratio because of the trauma.

Others that can really aid are BCAA’s Glutamine and ALA. But just keep it simple.

Does that help?

That helps alot, thanks man!
I sort of figured that would be the case, but supplements are not where most of my limited knowledge falls.

So things like Alpha Male and T-boosters in general probably won’t be much of a help then, but surge would probably be a plus to have then.

I am just not that supplement savvy, but I try.


Vitamin c is crucial for wound healing e.g. 500 mg 3-4 times/day. Enough B vitamins are also important as B vitamins are cofactors for many different enzymatic reactions important to the body e.g. a B-50. Protein is also crucial.

Surge is great post-workout, but will not do anything to help your torn muscle heal.

If you still have any swelling, inflamation, etc then wobenzyme or cytolyse (do a search) will be helfpul. I’m 4 weeks out from arthoscopic knee surgery and I still have swelling so I’m taking cytolyse. Omega 3 fatty acids e.g. fish oil, flax oil are also good for decreasing inflammation.