Supps while Fat Fasting?

I believe I am going to give the Fat Fast diet a try sometime pretty soon. I plan on doing it for 3 weeks, before reverting back to something else. In the past, I have never given much attention to the prohormone stuff. However, after studying this diet a bit, I believe that now is the time to do a little investigating. It seems as though BioTest has several that are advertised to be very good. The question is: What’s the difference? I’m sure that most of you can easily answer that question, so maybe you could help me out a little. I feel like “M” may be a good one to use. But stacked with what else? Mag-10? Also, are these really necessary? Thanks.

The calories are so low in the fat fast you’d lose muscle without some supplement help. Use mag-10 or 4-ad-ec which is part of mag-10. Hotrox may prevent any muscle loss but the fat fast is so extreme you may want to be sure and use mag-10 just in case. Use M and/or tribex after the mag-10, not at the same time. You can read about all these things on the T-mag main site.