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Supps: Which Ones and When?



This is my first thread so I hope you can help me. First I have to say that I live in Denmark, will it be impossible to get this into the country? In my following post I take it that it IS possible to get it, if not I would be delighted if you told me.

I am in the middle of a cutting phase. I plan on continous cutting for approx. 2 months. I need some supplements that could help me get under the 10% BF parameter.

I am right now using 100% Whey powder, Micronized Creatine, Twinlab Mega6 multivitamins & Biosym EPA-GLA+ caps. Besides that I swallow an adequate amount of Olive oil and Udo?s Choice. I am on a diet and a proper training program, so these specs. should be covered fulfillingly. But for the rest of my cutting phase and my following bulk phase (approx. 500-700 kcal. +) I need some great supplements. I hope you can help me by guiding me in the direction of the proper supps. and when they should be used.

I was thinking of buying
2 x HOT-ROX Extreme (that?s all I?m allowed at once) for my cutting phase. Is there anything that would help me get leaner and meaner while cutting?

For my bulking phase:
3 x Biotest Surge for pre- and postWOD
2 x Alpha Male
Anything else that would help me pack on muscle and keep the BF% as low as possible?

Best regards,
/Thomas M.


Carbolin 19, for both bulk and cut. And maybe Spike to help you with your energy while on a negative calorie balance.


Instead of using Carbolin 19 for a cut, use the new HRX. Theres a dose of Carbolin 19 in that as well as the other stuff in Maximum Strength HOT-ROX.