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Supps vs Recording Workouts


What happens when..

You have a large amount of faithful readers.. which you give this extremely over priced supplement to claiming massive gains? But not only give them the supplement.. strongly encourage them to record all their meals, workouts etc? Is it not bloody obvious that maybe its not the supplement doing the work, that perhaps thats what happens 95% of the time when someone begins recording their stuff?

"Significant gains in the gym", OK> What if your fitness mentor told you, take this and you will have great gains, workout like a machine? You would go to the gym pumped up, and I believe most of us are smart enough to know that when were pumped up, we can often move more weight. Get it yet?

Finally, has it ever occured that it is jusstttt the TNation authors (owners and associates of I3G) who are pushing the product? Has anyone here even considered cross referencing their info on any other sites? I mean, the whole speech on how this stuff works so amazingly is great and inspiring.. but its false and the only reason these people gain weight is because theyre recording meals, workouts, and pumped up for the gym.

Please people, for your sake, open your eyes.. I did 4 months ago when I left this site realizing, all the info is controlled by the owners of I3G. Dont believe it? This message will be deleted instantly.. see for yourself.


Well, its still here. Don't you feel silly.

There is no doubt logging everything helps with gains. But you have to take into consideration the people raving about indigo are already at an elite level of development. Their gains don't come as quickly or easily. If they start using something like indigo and build 5-10lbs of lean mass in a relatively short period, that is pretty substantial.


I agree about their products, but then, who wouldn't market their own products to maximise sale potential? Site still has alot of awesome articles regardless.


You mean other sites who get their $ from competing supplement companies? No shock there genius -lol. You don't like, don't use. Apparently a lot of people disagree with you or else Biotest wouldn't be the huge company that it is.

Why do some people feel the need to post this sort of garbage. There are tons of products I don't like, whether specifically, or in their marketing, but I have better things to do than spam their sites with rants and complaints.



Biotest is the huge company..or..whatever it is(doesnt even have a website) because of its marketing.. find some great trainers , pay them well to push a product and bam, youve got sales! I feel the need to post this stuff which you call garbage because I`m sick of lame companies like Biotest robbing the blind of their money.

Get off TNation for a day and see how your opinion changes..

sidenote: im not talking about the owners and moderators of other sites saying otherwise.. im talking about the intelligent individuals who have an opinion and dont just jump on a product right after it was tested on mice.


I know you probably think you know it all, but you've got a serious lot of very intelligent, advanced and accomplished individuals who have come to use Biotest products on their own, due to their experiences with other available alternatives, regardless of the advertising done on here.

The only reason I use the products I do is because I tried them, found results to my liking, and decided they were worthwhile. Of course I've only been training for 18 years, have 2 pro cards and get paid to get people big n shredded, but in my humble opinion, after using many other company's products lines, I'm very happy telling people that I use the ones available on this site.

Believe me, I can very easily get free stuff from other supplement companies out there (Had a few offers), I simply choose not to, I have that option. Also, I do frequent other web forums, but it doesn't change my opinion on the supplements I use because a bunch of 16 year old kids are making their decisions based solely on the ads, and with no real world experience to back their decisions.

Feel free to keep on posting though, these threads pop up all the time from people who create a new account just to 'wake' everyone up -lol. No one else's life will be affected one bit from your rant.



Why not go do something productive with your time instead of posting this, like occupy a bathroom stall


Hi OP,
I too think it is scary when people believe everything they read on line but as the saying goes, "a fool and their money are soon parted". I am curious of your stats, fake or not, you strike me as a teenager who is outraged at how the world works.

I once tried to pay my mortgage with good intentions but the bank wanted a check instead. Can you believe that? It is like the whole world just wants to make money. It seems that no one is a true champion of the downtrodden like us. I personally try to make about 100-ish threads per day to state super-obvious things, ie. companies are trying to make money, politicians just want your vote, Apple Jacks don't actually contain apples!

I feel that by quieting my job, where I was forced to take money in exchange for goods and services, I was better able to make these threads each day. I hope you too have quit your job so we can fight evil together. I usually go to Starbucks and use their free internet, suckers, like I would "buy" coffee. Don't they know that car dealerships and banks give it out for free. When will the world learn that everything should be free and work is for chumps.

Keep fighting the good fight OP!

Your fellow crusader,


Quick fix: Focus on what you like on this site, and ignore what you don't like.

P.S. - Also works with many other aspects of life.


Yep, I get it.

People like Stu, Synergy, Hip, TRU, and a bunch of other lifters who already had their shit together just got pumped up with positive talk. It wasn't the Indigo at all. Okay, kiddo.

So you left the site 4 months ago, then came back and all of a sudden created a forum account just to help people "open their eyes", out of the goodness of your heart.

I never lol, but... LOL!!


Say a big hello to Lyle, Alan and Casey for me.





I'm waiting for the post where he talks about how much (insert supplement company brand name here)'s products has helped him.


Level zero commenting on the supps, nice. Try some stuff for a while and see if it works, then come back and review.