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Supps to Regulate Estrogen

Here is the deal, I have a client who has moobs and I need to know what supplements can help regulate estrogen production in men.

Also I have another client who is female and she doesn’t produce enough estrogen and her lack of boobs is a real self esteem issue. I have researched this topic and there is so much bullshit out there I want to know for sure whats true. Can she take any supplements that will help produce estrogen and what can he take to lower estrogen production is my question.

I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means, but:

REZ-V and some TRIBEX/Alpha Male for the male.

A good plastic surgeon for the female.

Go to the over 35 forum. They specialize in hormone knowledge there.

I think Poliquin wrote that a zinc deficit can be the reason for moobs. Alpha Male or any other good testosterone enhancer will also be helpful.

If the woman is past the age of puberty I don’t know of anything that she eats or ingests that will grow her breasts larger.

and she really doesn’t want to up her estrogen as elevated estrogen can be a precursor to some cancers in women

It mostly goes to how much actual breast tissue a woman has.
Ask your client if her breasts get bigger or smaller as she loses weight.
Otherwise tell her it seems as if more men appreciate a nice ass on a woman as opposed to big breasts and you can help her build a nice ass

For the guy I would say what is his bf? If he has fatty tissue, he might be able to take care of the problem by getting lean. If it is not fatty tissue then nothing but surgery will work. Here is what Poliquin wrote: Page 2

Here is a thread with good info:


As for the woman. Just buy em! I love all sizes but if it is a self esteem issue with her why wouldn’t she simply find a board certified doc and poof perfect.

I don’t understand.

Thanks everyone, I dont think buying them will work at this point in her life so thats why I asked. I do appreciate all the help and info. Thanks again.

try this


After rereading my post it seems like I might have come off like a dick. Sorry this was not my intention. I have read a lot about this issue myself and this is what I have found:

If it is hard surgery is the only way. If it is fat it might be dieted off but you won’t know until it is gone.

As far as anything for the female I have not heard of anything I would give anyone to help with the issue.

no worries Bill I got what you where saying. Thanks again bro.

Read the male titties sticky at the top of the T-Cell Alpha thread.