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Supps to Reduce Muscle Aches?


Are there any good supplements or minerals I should take from doing strenuous exercise, just started playing rugby again and using muscles I had completely forgotton about! Anyway my whole body is pretty much in pain!

I know about the hot baths stretching etc too reduce them, but is there anything else I could take supplement wise aswell? I was thinking ZMA or creatine, Would this help?



Fish Oil...I find it to be the best reliever for muscle and joint pain.


Try Micro-Lactin.

I've only bothered with it a couple of times, but always found myself thinking "wow! really? no pain?"

An endurance / marathon runner recommended it to me. I dosed at around 5-10g or so--mostly as a "lets see if this does anything." Maintenance levels (1-2g) did nothing for me.


I have had good success with the new Curcumin 500 supp. It has helped to relieve my turf toe and sore lower back. It's pretty cheap too, so definitely worth a shot.


fish oil
Curcumin 500

awesome stuff. I used them both coming right off of a pretty hefty surgery and i haven't touch any opioid or NSAIDs.


Cherries or cherry juice. Some properties in them reduce pain and inflammation.


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Never even heard of that stuff before, i'll have to check it out, looks expensive from a quick search.


Need to get hold of something pronto, might just have to opt for the good old trusty paracetamol!


the Curcumin 500 in the T-Nation store is actually pretty cheap. i'm probably gonna pick up a bottle if my heart doc okays it when i see him in a few weeks.


I mean it too. I used to be near-addicted to extra strength vicodin and NSAIDs and haven't touched the stuff in over a month. I used to go through a bottle of tylenol every month. My mom calls it placebo effect, but hey, it's cheaper and safer.



lots of it.


Any side effects of Curcumin 500, things like tiredness or brain fog?


I haven't noticed any. I feel pretty good after it, actually. Especially if it eases any soreness/pain I may have.


Bromelain works for some people


Omega-3's from fish oil have a lot of science behind them in regards to pain relief and inflammation reduction especially for chronic conditions. Curcumin is an extremely interesting substance and there's a lot of research going on right now regarding just how much this stuff will do -- not just for pain relief but as one of the 'must-have' supplements for prevention of some cancers and many other serious conditions. The information is still a bit young, and who knows what the longer term studies will say, but so far the information is very exciting. Anecdotal reports and personal experience indicate that the claims of acute pain relief are valid.

In fact, I think it's not unreasonable to say that there are dozens of reasons to take both of said supplements on a daily basis, and I know of no reasons to avoid them (unless enough studies along the line disprove curcumin's cancer fighting properties). And curcumin is a standardized extract of a component of turmeric...so unless you get brain fog from curry, I don't think you're going to have any problems in that department, even in high doses.