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Supps to Help Get In Shape for FB

Hi, the names kyle and im new to now trying to get ripped and cut weight. after about 15yrs of FB it time to start the beach body phaze.

ok Im a 6’2" 240lbs linemen changed to fullback. and am looking to be down to about 215-205 and looking beter then i do now. I already work out 5 days a week 4 lifting and 3 running with one day only running and two days off a week.

what i’m looking for is what supplements i should add to my work outs to help me out. I already eat very well and take protine, Ammino Acid pils 2222, fish oil, green tea enhanced vitamans, glutimine, and want to pick up some more creatine and or NoXplode

any better ideas i have no problem taking supplaments when they need to be taken.

As far as I’m concerned, you pretty much have everything you need right there, and then some, and don’t really need anything else. However, if you feel like splitting hairs and still feel like you’re missing something, you may want to look into some HOT-ROX and/or Carbolin 19 to help speed up your fat loss and preserve your lean mass during cutting.

You probably don’t NEED any supps to lose weight. I doubt you would see a very huge difference either. At least from my personal experience, fat loss supps have never made so huge an impact that I just HAD to HAVE them.

It may be once you reach a certain point in BF% that it becomes more difficult, and the difference can be seen. I have never been at that point so I cannot say.

If you have been active the majority of your life, and with the exercise you do now, I would think it’s safe to say that you would see results come fairly easy with a little dicipline in the kitchen.

By the way what does NO Xplode claim to do anyways, I have never been big on supps, just protein, and fish oil for me. I think one of the contributors on here had an issue with it actually having a negative impact on health. Might not hurt to check it out.

Out of what you listed

“protine, Ammino Acid pils 2222, fish oil, green tea enhanced vitamans, glutimine, and want to pick up some more creatine and or NoXplode”

not bad id keep the protein, multi, fish oils, anmd get some regualr old creatvne monohydrate. If of have th extra $$ get the BCAA’s. Other then that nail a solid diet and training first these should supplement that plan not build it


ok well thanks for the replys guys but just so I get it clear i dont want to loose my strengeh from FB but just show off what i already have underneith all my playing weight. Some of you talked about keeping it strict in the kitchen, well i dont have the best paying job in the world do any of you have a good diet(meal structure, I know diets in the normal sense are anot a good idea but instead i need t oeat right all the time) that would help me.

I tried the metablisim advantage plan and it was ok besides the shakes just to thick, that and I felt that it had me eating way to much to loose anything. thanks again for the help guys

having a not so high paying job doesnt mean you have to eat like shit just pick cheaper/wiser food choices buy in bulk etc

here these should help if looking to dop some fat and diet in general

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

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Hey thanks Phill those are some good links looks like i got some reading there.

NOw if I post up a few pix of my work out could your guys help me make it better

Just to add one more thing I dont want to loose any of my FB strength in fact i would like to get stronger if only a little…but i still want to lower my Body fat % as much as I safely can would this change any advise given yet