Supps to Get the Weight Down

I need some help…

Im 22, male, when i was 18 i was 175 lbs., now i way 220. What supplements can I take to help me get back down. I know how to workout and train (used to play hockey and lax) I know how to eat with 5/6 meals/shakes a day. I would love it if you could help me out with opinions.


[quote]moneybags14 wrote:

(used to play hockey and lax)[/quote]

Start playing again. I’d wager money that you’d get lean again too.

No pill can replace hard work.


Pop over to and you will find a whole bunch of recommendations for supplements that aid with metabolism.

He is big on Paleo type eating these days, and that along with green tea, fish oil and a whole bunch of other stuff should see you on your way.

Alternatively you could read up on carbohydrate cycling, only eating carbs on your workout days and incorporating cardio to aid with your fat loss.

Assuming you have your diet right to drop fat, try HOT-ROX.

I usually take it when I start to add some chub and it helps lean me out pretty quickly.