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Supps to Get Test Up & Triglycerides/Cholesterol Down


I am 42 this month, 5'8" and 234lbs. I am way over where I need to be. Testosterone is low, triglycerides and cholesterol are high.

Making diet changes including more fiber in diet. Ramping up my lifting and cardio after a long layoff due to a knee surgery.

What supplementation can assist in getting the test up, and the other two down? I want to try this naturally for 4-6 months then re evaluate.



No dietary protocol affects testosterone significantly. Neither do training programs. If you really have a diagnosis of hypogonadism, see a doctor (like I do).

ANY form of consistent exercise and a healthy diet will help in getting TGs and chol down.


You could definitely give Alpha Male a try (be sure it agrees with any disorders you have or medications you may be on), its supposed to be great stuff.


If you don't mind sharing - what are your T, TG, and chol values?


I need to get my results from the doc again. Here in Tulsa no one wants nor knows how to administer TRT. I know I was about 230 I think which is really shitty


Start exercising and lose all that weight you're carrying. That much fat(I'm assuming you're not some freaky 230# bber) acts as it's own organ affecting your hormones.


yeah I need to drop 40lbs of fat, trying we will see how it goes


when i turned 40 ( 3 years ago ) i felt a drop in T . drop in labido , energy , drive and so on i started taking trib 650mg 2 x a day n up'ed my zink to 90mg a day . the difference was unbelievable .
cut ALL the junk out of your diet . add a little fish oil n ground up flax seed at every meal .


You're hypogonadal. Normal range for T is 300 to 1000 ng/dl. Dieting and exercise don't fix dysfunctional pituitaries and testicles.

How do you know nobody in your city or state practices TRT.

Do your best to find a urologist that had a fellowship in andrology (an andrologist).


Or you can stop being an internet doctor and try to look at the whole picture, instead of a random number taken from a snapshot of time, to form an opinion.

Obviously this guy is pretty fat. Fat cells are one of the main places where testosterone aromatizes to estradiol. Estradiol gives negative feedback to T production. So excess fat -> T aromatizing to E2 at a higher than usual (for the particular person) rate -> High E2 sends negative feedback to the brain. The brain thinks that T must be too high if too much E2 is present and "dials down" production of T. -> negative feedback loop exacerbates itself because high E2 and low T creates an ideal hormonal environment for fat storage.

OP: my suggestion would be to get to 10% bodyfat before going on HRT for the rest of your life. If that doesnt help (which it certainly may not) then you should look into a more serious treatment.


You also need to cut out all those refined carbs you're eating.

high carbs intake = high triglycerides


I'm not sure how I'm an internet doctor by recommending someone see a doctor.


Actually Bones, you do make a good point. The whole picture needs to be looked at. And I shouldn't have written "You're hypogonadal" because I'm not a doctor. I worded it incorrectly. Perhaps "you might be hypogonadal" would be better.

With that said, his T might be down because of what you write (what you write is correct), but there are other very serious things that cause low T as well.

And yes, you're right - ONE blood test is usually not enough. Docs test T a few times, as well as estradiol, LH, FSH, and prolactin and sometimes order a CAT scan or MRI (as mine did with me nine years ago).

I was quick to write because I've been hypogonadal and take medication for the past near decade and when I my levels were sub-300, life sucked and I was literally crying in my doc's office during my first visit.


You told him he was hypogonadal (a medical diagnosis that may or may not be correct). Then you said that diet and exercise dont fix dysfunctional testes. (In the strict sense that may be true.) That it is clearly implying that his testes ARE dysfunctional and NOT implying that his hormones may be out of whack for a completely different reason and that his testes may work just fine.

So while a diet may not fix a broken HPTA, there is no way you can know that his HPTA is broken. Therefore it is a possibility that his condition can be postively affected by diet and exercise.

And losing excess bodyfat will be the first thing a doctor recommends. Or if not the first thing, at least before TRT is discussed.

OP for the trigs and cholesterol, watch carbohydrates. Reducing bodyfat will postively affect both of those things as well. Fish oil is a very good addition.

You may want to look into D-aspartic acid for the testosterone boosting effects. Biotest also sells an herbal testosterone booster.


my post before this was made before you posted this. I agree.


thank you guys. Here is the plan, more water, less crap in my diet. Will up the fish oil, add Trib, zink and flax seed.

Will start doing more pure cardio to assist with the fat loss. I think I am about 31%BF or so which is too much. I know a few years back I was 211 @17.1% BF and felt great, so the goal is going to be around 15% then start checking the Test levels more often.

Bottom line if that doesn't do it, then its TRT no way around it.


[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
No dietary protocol affects testosterone significantly. Neither do training programs. If you really have a diagnosis of hypogonadism, see a doctor (like I do).

This is what i was told when i asked 2 seperate endos (1 a proff) if i could raise my T levels up to normal again through nutrition and excercise and weight gain (as i had lost alot of weight and muscle from over dieting the past 2 yrs)
They both said there is a slim chance natural/herbal supps will increase my T and if they could it would only be insignificantly if at all.

So i am apparantly hypogonadal just turned 30, and started on TRT mid december, i would be interested to hear your story and experience on TRT bricknyce, how you felt before how low you was the side effects and any bad effects low T had on your body, and now after being on TRT and how you feel.
I have never had the chance to speak to anyone who is a serious weight trainer/bbuilder who takes TRT?



I am newly started on trt in mid december, i recently turned 30 so i am apparantly hypogonadal
Have read up alot about low T and trt and have learnt and asked alot from the proffesionals doctors and specialists.

Before starting treatment i have seen 2 endos one of which a proff, and asked them both if my low T levels can be raised back to normal with diet, natural/herbal supps and weight gain (as i had lost quite alot of weight and muscle 2 yrs prior due to overdieting, the endos said they do not think my low levels are due to weight loss, that any so called supp will raise it significantly if at all, and any supps hold risks as the have never been tested as prescribed drugs do and would reccomend against using them.
I am interested in your experience on trt bryknyce or anybodys, what were you like before trt your symptoms how you felt any negative effects physically, and how you are now your treatment your levels your improvements, i have never spoke to anyone on trt who is a serious weight trainer/natural bbuilder



Well I am unensured so I don't think getting TRT is going to be possible


My Triglycerides went from 300+ to 27 in one year going Gluten Free (diagnosed with Celiac's, so not really a choice for me). No substitutes, just avoidance.