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Supps to Combat Estrogen Dominance?

I have felt that my level of energy has severely decreased with my weight gain. I feel some hormonal fluctuations and can tell when I am full of a more assertive/aggressive level of energy that makes me feel energized and wanting to his the gym full on (sort of like how you feel after watching a really great UFC fight).

I have read some articles on estrogen dominance, when there is too much estrogen in the blood due to the amount of fat a woman has. I am working on eating a clean diet, cutting out refined carbs, simple carbs, and sugars, and increasing my protein intake, water, veggies, fruits, multivitamins, etc.

Other than progesterone cream, which was recommended on a female health website, what are other supplements that can help combat estrogen dominance and give me back that level of physical assertiveness and energy that makes me want to go and work out and do yoga at home, etc. I just feel like I don’t have that good level of energy that I need to definitely help me with getting back into the gym. :slight_smile:

If you are on birth control you can cut that out pretty quick and be back to normal.

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Has the weight gain been muscle or fat? Losing the fat would probably help.

BBB - how much Vit C? Whats the mechanism behind that? If that doesnt make sense, how does that work? Or what can I google? Thank you

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brilliant and just the kind of answer I expected and was looking for. Anything recommended in particular for the aid in absorbtion (particular brand). Im currently going through a Poliquin Estro detox and this sounds helpful. Thanks amigo!