Supps to Combat Baldness?

Are there any plans at Biotest to develop a supplement that combats baldness? I am one of the many follicly challenged individuals out there who needs something other that Rogaine or finasteride. It seems like y’all would be the guys to come up with something that could grow hair on even Dicky V’s melon. Anything?

Where have you been hiding? What do you mean you don’t use Rogaine and finasteride? They are the ONLY products ever invented that are proven to regrow hair. That’s it.

Some swear by Nizoral shampoo as well, I use all 3.
There’s also Avacor, but that’s not as proven as the others.

Wake up and start using them! Oh, and be careful what you wish for-if Biotest came up with something that could regrow hair they would drop supplements in a heartbeat!

Aww come on now! It’s time to love the baldness, man. Lord knows I have and it’s been the best decision. Whip out the razors and shave it down about once a week - it’s all good times. Believe me, the fight against the receding hairline is very much a losing one and, quite frankly, 99% of the people that know me only as being bald think I look better now than with hair. Just something to consider.


Yo Kuz, that depends on the shape of your head and face. Personally, I have a huge head and big jaw, so that wouldn’t work for me.