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Supps to Boost T After Cycle


I'm wondering if Alpha Male will help boost the bodies ability to produce testosterone after a cycle (along with a proper PCT). Now, I know Alpha Male purportedly does boost test levels, but will it actually help the testes to produce testosterone? I'd post this in the supplement forum... but... for some reason I trust the guys who frequent this sub-forum a bit more than... well you get the idea.


I add TRIBEX in with my PCT (Pris's test-taper) after the stasis when I start the tapering down. Then I continue taking it for a couple weeks after the taper is finished. I find it helps speed up my recovery.

I'm planning on trying Alpha Male instead of TRIBEX for my next PCT, just to see if it's any different.


Sounds good, anyone else know if this helps? I doubt anyone has tested... because who wants the lesser recovery?! haha

Either way, I'll be ordering the Alpha Male soon