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Supps to Aid Sleep


What does everyone think of this?
Has anyone ever used it?

I just toss and turn all night and feel like shit all day, but I don't wanna take sleep med's. Maybe this would be a good alternative


how bout Biotest Z-12


Take 3-4 GABA pills 1 hr before you want to sleep.

If you really can't sleep then don't, stay up over a night and then stay up the next day, basically just skip a night of sleep. If you do not crash the following day then you likely need to go see a doc about your chemical imbalance.


I second the Z-12 with ZMA.


I suggest a good dose of 'Jerkitov'. Twice before you sleep. You'll be amazed how relaxed you'll be. Guaranteed you sleep like a baby.

Edit: and it's cheap too! Well. Im assuming you leave the stuff desiccate. So that you won't have to waste your money on tissues.


Z-12 + ZMA. Then jack off. Then have some Metabolic Drive.

Good to go.



ZMA works great...

If all else fails, a glass of Scotch will do the trick; preferably anything with a "Glenn" in it.


I tried to good ole jerkitovvvv last night, didn't work to well... I gotta get some sleep