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Supps That Won't Get Me Busted


I read this board occasionally, looking for a resource that would provide guidance on which sites sell supplements that will no get me in trouble.

Currently I buy everything from the local GNC, but I see much better prices and different products online. Some sites are selling D-bol and Winni, which makes me hesitant to buy other products from them for fear that I'll get my supplements delivered by cops with a set of cuffs.

Any list of legit websites or a list of legit supplements that are listed as legal would be appreciated before I purchase online. Thanks ahead of time.


Apparently not enough to see the links for the store...


i look at the Biotest stuff all the time.


For instance, Tren from American Cellular Labs. Legal? Or Illegal?

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.


Be sure and read the fine print. If the website says "No prescription needed!" it's a bunch of herbals given a name to SOUND like the real deal. In other words, If it seems too good to be true, it is. To get D-bol, Winnie, or anything else that's been outlawed, you have to go outside of the U.S. and risk confiscation upon delivery.

I use Biotest's stuff, myself. It's just as good as anything else out there, at a decent price, and the ingredients are quality.


maybe you should stop looking, and actually buy

WTF is it that you want


Dude, you mean those super-hard corpse "winni-Vs," "D-Bols," etc in those hardcore ads in Flex? Bro, you gotta hold off.

Srsly mang, just get on that Biotest stuff. That German Creatine, man, powder your jock strap up and your balls will grow their own set of testicles.

Get on it, bro.


Wow. Thanks, I didn't read that in the articles. Balls growing balls; I misunderestimated the power of Biotest.


When have you ever heard of someone accidentally ordering illegal drugs and then being arrested by cops at their door? Even if someone did, I don't think cops are allowed to arrest people with Down's syndrome.


D-bol and winstrol are steroids buddy. Big huge fucking difference between that and some protein powder.


I can't tell you the number of times some young kid at my gym tells me he bought some "d-Ball" or "Dekka" over the counter! (lmao). It just angers me at the nature of the supplement industry (and all of those ridiculous 'ad-reports' -lol)



Muscle and Fiction......need I say more..

Creatine .....German Ofcourse

You could try eating 7-8 meals a day to start. Then try some stuff here and there. Unless you got a guy on the inside that deliver good supplements


Most of the internet pharmacies are selling real stuff, just like they are with knockoff Viagra. If they don't even ask for a prescription it's just going to be shipped from outside North America.

That doesn�??t mean that it's safe and not Chinese hormones re-labled and adulterated in India. Remember when they were selling dog food full of melamine? Imagine what they'll put into stuff they're selling to people who are using it illegally. Of course, if you just buy it from guys at the gym they might be ordering it online anyway.

Moral of the story: if you plan on using drugs, wait until you have the funds to get stuff from a legit source.


Seriously i dont know what your tryin to buy online if you think the cops are going to show up at your door. Start with the basics like everyone does and go from there.


That stuff that's named LIKE steroids is usually trash and worthless at best, dangerous to your health at worst.

Don't fuck around with that, stick with protein and creatine.

There are a few more you can add when you get years of training under your belt.


I was in DECA in high school.


ROFL i showed up for the first meeting because i thought it was a hardcore bodybuilding club.....boy was i dissapointed.


haahaaa DECA in high school!