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Supps Suggestions?


I'm in the first month of my beginners program. I have a LOT of fat to lose and i feel like my A** was kicked.

I'm 35 and am breaking out of a sedentary lifestyle.

What supps do you suggest.

I'm thinkin.

Alpha Male

? Anyone



All else is secondary until you can accomplish all three of those on a consistant basis and correctly.

If you are honestly ready for supplements, then obviously Flameout is priority #1 (of the ones you listed). A decent Protein Powder, creatine, BCAA's, and Surge are also recommended. You need to do some research as the benefits of each and to determine why you would want to use them.


I would forget the supps until your lifting and diet program is in order. Your goals might change after you shed some fat.


The other guys have a point, but I would still recommend Alpha Male, since you are thirty five, and Flameout.

Flameout is a generally healthy thing to take and you don't need to wait until you are in shape to start reaping the benefits from it.

Alpha Male likewise can help if you have lagging test production and it may help keep your butt motivated in getting to the gym. Of course like the other posters said ensure you are eating right to begin with.

Good luck,



Good points D.


Thanks for the suggestions. I think thats what i'll do. Focus mostly on nutrition and lifting. Tho i think i'll go for the Flameout and the Alpha Male now.

As far as Surge. W/ a family history of diabetes i dont wann fool around w/ anything that alters your insulin prod.

Thanks again


Drinking Surge isn't really any worse than having sugar. I'm not your doctor so don't sue me if you die though.


I am diabetic and I drink Surge almost every day.


Cool, thanks for the info. I may try Surge!!!