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Supps/Snacks for Milk/Wheat Allergies?

Okay folks, I have a good friend who is very into her training, but is just chock full o’ food allergies. The problem is that most of the snacks and supplements (bars, shakes etc) that I would normally snack on are essentially off limits to her diet. If anyone has similar issues, what brands, or items do you typically make use of??

Thanks for any help you guys can provide…


soy protein…

is she allergic to like all nuts. my guess would be just peanuts right?

First off, what is she allergic too? Just the usual or anything unusual? This would help narrow things down.

If she is allergic to just wheat and dairy as the title of the thread says then I would recommend Kind bars, they are mostly just nuts and fruit, gluten and dairy free, there is a protein called ultrainflamex which is a rice based protein and is made to help minimize gut inflammation which most people with food allergies have and it comes in like six flavors, goat milk, hemp milk, make your own almond milk three parts water, one part almonds with the skins removed and blend, goat milk yogurt, outside of that she can make her own homemade protein bars using either a rice, hemp, or soy protein and then gluten free oats and some nuts and raisins.

Also quinoa is made into a pretty decent tasting flour that I have used to make a goat cheese pizza with some meat and veggies. Pre made gluten free and dairy free snacks are hard to come by…

D-Day- Thanks so much, I showed her this thread, and your thoughts seemed helpful (evryone else as well, thanks!). I’m going to try a internet search on the ultrainflamex and see what I can find for her.


I too have a bad reaction to dairy products, but the gluten sensitivity has improved. As a snack I eat plenty of almonds. Usually I stick them in the oven and they become easier to chew. Since I can’t take whey or casein, I freeze a piece of turkey and bring it with me to school.

By the time I finished with my training the turkery is warm and that is my immediate PWO snack.

Definately try almonds as a snack, they won’t hurt.