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Supps On Off Days?


I got asked what i was taking supps wise today in math class by a guy that i've lifted with before and so i told him. His response was "if your not lifting 7 days a week, those aren't gonna do anything for ya except turn into water weight witch is fat". I just turned around and laughed and said "well looks like i'm gonna get fat then huh?"

But there is no way in hell hes right, right? I mean how can water turn to fat and how can creatin, protein and a multi turn into water?


he's a fucking idiot


His statement "turn into water weight which is fat" pretty much says everything.
He speaks out of his behind.

Weight up/down is determined by amount of calories eaten. It doesn't matter where the calories comes from, eat more calories then you spend, you gain weight. Eat less, you lose weight. That can be applied to supplements too.

Your supplements can oxidize into energy, but not water. And not some kind of mystical water that turns into fat.


He's wrong. You're SUPPOSED to take creatine every day. (If you're taking it)

And protein turning into fat... just slap the taste out of his mouth. Protein is not a supplement... it's a vital macronutrient that everyone eats.


His mom must have smoked coke through her cooch to make that much of a retarded baby.

no, creatine makes you retain water similar to what sodium does. Water isn't fat. protein/vitamins are necesary to live.

please choke the guy out before he has the chance to spread his seed.


Along with what everyone else has stated. The weight of your muscle and hell much of your body is from water. So if water was to turn into anything some how it would as likely turn to muscle as well.

Stay hydrated its healthy :slight_smile:



i knew i was right, but today at lunch i was talkin to my best friend and i told him what the other guy had said and his reply was "hes right". I was like if you think about it, its complete bs, protein comes from food, your body needs it to grow ect, creatine is also a natural supp, your body can get it from food and a multivitamin is just fine cause its the stuff your body needs and if you don't maintain on your off days, thats where you'll lose.

It went on for almost 15 minutes but i left them both feeling dumb because i backed up everybit and they had no proof of what they said and they told me to ask the guy whos on steriods. Then they both believe that if i take creatine and i stop taking it, all the gains while i made on creatine will be lost. I think thats bs. Then they both told me "well supps aren't helpin you cause you aren't getting any bigger".

Then i had to argue that i'm not tryin to get huge right now, i'm tryin to boost my strength and its working and that i'm goin on a size program after this one and they said a full body routine would ruin me and it wouldn't help at all. So i had to argue that point and i got that point across them and i told them to screw there isolation bs and stick to strictly compound movements.

So now my friend andrew is makin a contest out of it. He wants to see whos bigger and stronger by the time next summer comes because he believes you can still get huge and make great gains by eatting very little and working out 7 days a week and he thinks i'll lose cause i'm using supps which supposedly make me fat.

I hate undereducated people who don't know shit. I mean i know i don't know everything, but atleast i know half of what i'm talkin about.


Sounds like fuel for your workouts to me.

Smoke them in the gym and if you (and they) are lucky, they will come around. If not it might be time to find some friends.

It is one thing to be ignorant; it is understandable. It is another to choose to remain dumb in the face of evidence, especially personal experiences.


the sad part is I got my best bud lifting right and learning the right things and then this dumb ass who trains 3 hours a day, 5-7 days a week comes along and tells him that i'm all wrong and to train with him cause hes the best and my ways will ruin everything hes gained.

I can't wait till he gets down to 150ish and loses all his strength and asks me why my stuff works so much better then the other guy. I hate how all these kids i go to school with think that compounds suck and isos rule and that muscle is built in the gym on low calorie diets and steroids, but there are a few who know better and i wish they went to my gym so i had a knowledgeble lifting partner.