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Supps on Empty Stomach?


Should the following supps be taken with or without food (and by food I mean a protein shake and fish oil):







Oh and do any of these interfere with one another? Basically I just mix each one into a bottle of water with crystal light.


I feel so......lonely. Forever......alone :frowning:


dont take supps on an empty stomach and dont drink crystal light.
Start there


the fuck?


yohimbe, trib, bacopa, DMAE and rhodiola should all be taken on empty stomach

any way i would go with yohimbine hcl


Thank you!

Now, would there be any issue of taking them all together?


i would assume not but cant say for sure.


Alright no worries.

One final question (if you know or not):

Though it is optimal to take them in separated doses, would it still be alright if it were taken in a single does? (except for yohimbine, I wouldn't take my daily dose of that in one shot.....never!) :stuck_out_tongue:


trib and bacopa i would seperate into 2x per day. DMAE and and rhodiola i cant say for sure but believe it would be better to do so

edit: regarding trib i would suggest taking something to lower SHBG and estrogen as well


trib + DIM (estro) + nettle root (SHBG) + tongkat ali (everything) + mucuna puriens (prolactin) = YEAH!


what are the common prolactin sides? google not working for some reason...


EDIT: ever since starting trib, i've kinda had not really itchy but a little "sensitivity" in the nipple/areola area.

i also have gyno and extra pec fat but i have always gotten comments about my chest/"boobs" so i do not believe the gyno is new


Well instead of supps to lower estrogen and SHGB, are there any foods that can do the same? I already take a good deal of supps:

-Protein powder
-fishoil (18 grams a day)
-Vitamin D
-The ones I mentioned in my OP.


Oh and probiotics and digestive enzymes (my most important ones).


green veggies have DIM but i eat probably 20 oz broccoli (at least) every day and didnt notice any difference until i started taking DIM supps

you can buy powders in bulk for cheap... they just taste like shit


trib alone, or ANY test booster alone, gives me irritated nipples, and makes them sort of "pointy"? i dunno its weird. i need at least 200mg of DIM a day and some mucuna to counteract it.

Men â?? When a high blood prolactin concentration interferes with the function of the testes, the production of testosterone (the main male sex hormone) and sperm decreases. Low testosterone causes decreased energy, sex drive, muscle mass and strength, and blood count. If levels remain low for several years, bone strength may become decreased (osteoporosis). High blood prolactin also causes difficulty in getting an erection, as well as breast tenderness and enlargement.

when i got my testosterone tested last year, my prolactin was 1 point over the high normal, and my testosterone was only 426.


wow. makes complete sense now. i wouldnt doubt i have elevated prolactin as well. if my chest brushes up against i do get that weird sensitivity/irritated feeling.

probably been a month or two that its been doing so. noticed sex drive has decreased as well... you think there is any "damage" i could have done?

also how much mucuna do you take?


damage? i doubt it. as long as you dont feel any lumps under the nipple then gyno wouldnt have formed. prolactin also causes stuff to well...ooze out i heard. gross i know lol havent experienced it though. i take 400mg of mucuna 2x a day and it fixes everything up nicely along side the DIM.

all this info is just from reading studies and forums to see different people's experiences though. guys like BBB would have some good real world knowledge to contribute im sure.


Can you fill me in, what is the MO for this line up of stuff.