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Supps On An Empty Stomach?

you see this on supplements all the time, and I’m a little confused what this means. Which probably seems really dumb, but think about it, if you’re eating properly when do you have an empty stomach?

I have an empty stomach when I wake up, but I eat within 10 mins, so is that a good time take supplements that stipulate “on an empty stomach”. The rest of the day i eat ever 2.5-3 hours, so would I be best to take the supplement 1.15-1.5 hours after a meal, or better to wait and take when my stomach is at it’s emptiest immediately before eating again. Or is that considered taking the medication with food?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but i’ve found in the past the only really stupid question is the one you’re too afraid to ask.

Depends on the supplement, but if you take something as soon as you awake, then take a shower, get dressed, cook your breakfast, then eat…you should be ok.

For example, I take HRX right now, and I take it first thing in the morning. Then i take it about 1 hour prior to meal 4 (@ 4pm), which happens to be 3 hours after meal 3 (1pm). So i take my HRX at 3:00-3:15pm.

Hope that helps.

It was actually HOT-ROX I was refering too. I’m pretty much a creature of habbit, and I eat before I shower, no changing that. Especially since i’m still asleep enough that the likelyhood of spilling on workcloths makes it better for me to eat in my pjs, pre-shower. Then again, i could always pop the HOT-ROX when my alarm goes off the first time, 2 snoozes later is likely enough of time to then eat.

sounds like you’re recommending between meal taking, even if not completely empty, rather than at an emptier period right before a meal, thanks for tips.

no prob, actually your stomach empties in about 2 hours. You may still feel full if your intestines are full (like if you ate a whole lotta food). So you should be pretty empty about 2 hours after a normal sized meal. I am.